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The Light and the Black Thing

Both the light and the black visited me last night. After working with Christ’s teachings at Thomas 11 for a year or so, visible clouds of light appear quite often when I am praying, resting, or making light inside my body. Cloud events are always joyous, never scary. Last night, however, after a moment of high spirited swirling and face teasing (normal light behavior) an immense, intimidating black thing burst into the group of frolicsome white clouds in my room.

Our surprise guest was flat, circular, maybe five feet in diameter. And surprise became something more than that when I noticed that the right half of the black thing bore the profile of a (mostly) human face. “Blackie” sported a chin, mouth, nose, and brow. His expression did not seem very friendly. From the crown of my head, a bone chilling shiver shook my whole being as it snowballed downward.

The Light and the Black

Displaying a high degree of intelligence, about half of my visitors are luminous, like the light clouds. And quite colorful. I see a great many ghostly, animated faces and bodies. Some of them seem quite human. Others do not. In addition to a winged angel a few years back (wow!) I see jewel-like sparkles of blue, pink, violet, gold, and bizarre colors and shapes that my poor brain cannot process. Another race, the stars, are thusly named. These tiny white lights were the first beings I met. Known to the Jews as 'Lights of conscious awareness. The chassadim bring a generosity of spirit. Each light transmits a particular insight or awareness.' Schneider, S. (2001)kingdom lights, the stars camp out on my ceiling by the dozen. Like most of my visitors they can travel through walls and every form of matter. I’ve even seen stars in my coffee.

Generally speaking, the light group is friendly. The stars, who can use their light to project any sort of image, remain a mystery. From their antics I sense a positive playfulness. But the stars can be quite the tricksters when they so choose.

The other half form the black group. These beings include clusters of flat, shadowy specks and pitch-black dots, splotches, and triangles. Blackie too, of course—who is by far the largest indoor visitor I’ve seen. Overall, the black beings feel sort of “dark” to me. When I awake from a nightmare, for instance, members of the black group are present on the ceiling above me and the walls closest to my head.

…A “pester” is a two-dimensional being. If you’ve ever watched a baby or a housecat lying on the floor, sometimes both the cat and the baby will track an invisible object across the room.
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Battle of the Light and the Black

I routinely witness what appears to be an ongoing struggle between the light and the black. Sometimes I see them fighting. Mostly it seems as though the “prize” is me. Maybe the black really is darkness. For example, the specks are drawn to blood and injured areas. They seem to feed on negativity on and within living beings such as me, my cat, and dying house plants. At the same time I admit that this dark behavior might instead be some form of healing activity.

Despite my lack of knowledge I can safely state that both the light and the black species are extremely telepathic. They respond to my thoughts and move under their own power. All else is conjecture. Four bemusing years after I asked God for truth and wisdom I cannot proclaim anything other than the goodness of light, Father, and our heavenly Family. So last night, holding that same point in mind, I summoned my courage, stayed calm, and tried not to judge the nature of the huge black thing.

The light displayed no such reservation. Playtime ended. During the same instant that I’d shivered at the black thing’s face, the light merged into one large cloud and headed straight at it. As it drew near, the massive cloud formed a four-foot doughnut shaped ring that encircled the lower half of the intruder. In the blink of an eye, borne on a pillow of puffy white light, Blackie got forced upward. Then soundlessly, effortlessly, the light pushed the hapless black thing right through my bedroom ceiling.

The Light (1) — Black Thing (0)

I was stunned. In just a few seconds the light had expelled Blackie! Before I could reflect on the incident the cloud party resumed with even more zest than before. Wave upon wave of light descended, penetrated my blankets. Some of the clouds entered my torso. Others allowed me to inhale them—then breathe out billows of living, foggy light. Although it is a fairly common event, light breathing always creates a divinely thrilling sensation.

When the last of the clouds had left (through the ceiling), I wondered. Had the black thing come from elsewhere, or from me? Did the light drop in just to party, or enact a healing? I didn’t feel any different after Blackie’s expulsion. My normally chatty soul had gone silent. No freebies this time. On the narrow road, I reminded myself, I must accept who I am: God’s little child. I try to love everyone and resist nothing. If there is darkness afoot, I thought, Father will handle it.

—Andrew Michael 2016-5-29

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