Loving God

The Gifts of Loving God

Some years ago, I asked my loving God for a heavenly gift. To my astonishment, I got it. A short time later, I discovered that God had sent me some ‘extra’ gifts I had not asked for. His gifts were infinitely better, but it took time for me to relax and understand my mixed blessings. I continue to work at this every day. I do not envision a time when the journey will be completed—I pray it never is. And, I will trust my loving God forever, love him in all of his infinite forms.

It can be quite difficult to love every living thing. But we must, else we divide ourselves from our loving God.

I don’t believe God reveals himself in just one way. In truth I cannot conceive just how beautiful, how endlessly indescribable and loving God is. I imagine one could have any kind of relationship they choose–serious, informal, joyous, troubled, lighthearted, childish. I experience all of these, and more keep coming. Many of my gifts are similar to the things I’ve always received in life, except now I know who is sending them. Life is vastly more interesting and enjoyable when I know each new development is aimed at bringing me nearer to my father.

The phrase, “in God all things are possible” and of course, loving God, are my only doctrines. Some of his most amazing gifts are small and subtle… just barely a whisper. The world tends to overwhelm God’s subtlety with what it believes is more important. I have found that nothing the world considers “important” usually is. But when I look for Father I see him there, down in the fine print or two layers beneath the surface of a crisis. He works always, in every sunrise and heartbeat, tending to his children and the world. As his child, my responsibility is to try to do what my father does: love everything.

I have seen places most people do not. We live in a crowded, breath-taking ocean of life. Life is in the air, the water, the ground, outside and inside of us. Life is plentiful even in the endless spaces that science has not discovered yet. And it’s all him. Every bit of it, no exceptions. It can be quite difficult to love every living thing. But we must, or we divide ourselves from our loving God. Sometimes I love someone or something only because I know he does. Sometimes I see his true glory, and my surroundings transform into a heavenly Paradise that lasts a few seconds or a few minutes. In those times I have witnessed our loving God’s abundance; it is absolutely unlimited. But it’s not healthy for his children to get everything we want when we don’t always know what we need.

What about him? What does ‘God want’? I believe our father passionately wants us to come home, to the place we were born and rightfully belong. To join him in consciousness where he can keep us healthy and safe forever because we allow him to love every part of us while we love every part of him. The joy, glory and peace of God is a space which exists now, and it’s ours for the asking. We literally are his own children, not children of one another. Our loving Father invites us to dwell with him and share his unimaginable gifts.

May you find the gifts of loving god in all you see and all you are.

–Andrew Michael


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