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Prayer of Lambs

Prayer of Lambs

My brother,
my teacher,
savior and
i love you
i trust you, and
i believe in you.
i am your little lamb,
i recognize your voice
and follow after you.

To the
green fields,
living waters,
endless paradise
in the sanctuary of
the tree of life.

I remember you when
i eat, i drink from your mouth
so that i shall become like you,
and you will become as i am.

Eternally loving brother
you’ve time enough
for every child.
We are in you,
and you are in us,
we belong to you, and
you belong to us



Freely Receive is created by Andrew Michael (with tons of heavenly help )

“Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world”

Seek the Kingdom: About Freely Receive

In the midst of a chaotic world exists a divine space that can fill all of our needs. If we ask to receive it our divine space can replace conflict, drama, and worry with freedom, awe, and joy. And love, of course. Boundless unconditional love shelters us, feeds us, keeps us safe and healthy in a private realm where miracles happen and God and heaven are as close as the air we breathe in.

I could not have imagined how good (and how different) life could be until I let Father run the show. After two years spent in my own divine space, I launched Freely Receive.

I now wish to propose a radical concept, the same one that brought me to the divine space. Forget everything the world says about God and ask him to teach you the real truth. Forget about the world, too. In truth, it’s all good. This is not a rebellion and I am not a rebel. I’m simply inviting you to seek your inheritance.

“I shall give to you what eye has not seen and what ear has not heard and what hand has not touched and what has not arisen in the mind of mankind.”

The divine space holds exactly one seeker. Two at most, but that is quite rare. Your space, whether it be tranquil or charged with nonstop thrills, is nothing less than the life that God intended you to live. When Father began to teach me, however, I must admit that I was afraid of the truth. It was so different from what the churches teach. Thankfully I was (and still am) assisted by heavenly guides who include Father, Master Christ, the Holy Spirit, and many more.

Much like yourself, God also has wants and needs. Your Father in heaven desires to be close to you, his forever child, in whatever context works for you. So forget about what I say—what anyone says. Think large because all things are possible and all that God has is yours. So ask for miracles, because you deserve the very best.

“Remember, I will be with you and protect you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land.”

Freely receive your world within the world.

Your divine space brings only the work you can handle. It does not require skills you don’t have. But you must guard your space. Glib advice and strange looks from well-meaning friends and loved ones can easily set you back. Thus, from this point on you are subject only to yourself and whomever or whatever draws you closer to God.

Right now your Father (who is pure love) is dreaming up surprise gifts and tender kindnesses both worldly and spiritual. These gifts are meant just for you (love’s child). Still, in order to receive your inheritance you must give up control. That’s the hard part. The most important aspect of the work, therefore, is to let go, accept what God shows you, hide your face in your hands if you need to, and place absolute trust in the One who gave you life.

“Inheritance” means that someone has to die.

Soon after your request is answered, you will say goodbye to your current way of life—and some of your friends and family. But do not worry; new friends and relatives are already on the way.

Whoever wants to save their life will lose it,
but whoever loses their life for me will find it.

 Discover your Eve at Freely Receive.
About Freely Receive
Discover your personal Holy Spirit at Freely Receive

The divine space has a real name, of course. One that you’ve heard. Some people call it the Kingdom of God, or the Promised Land. And there exists still another name for your divine space. I call it E’den.

Despite claims made by various religious groups, humans do not create the kingdom of God—let alone E’den. The journey, though, belongs to you and your spirit. Think of Eve, whom the Bible casts as Adam’s mate. Eve depicts the “breath of life,” the spirit of God, and the loving soul who even now dwells within you.

Freely Receive can help you learn about and find your soul, or what my soul calls “Your personal Holy Spirit.” Your own soul will help you reach paradise. Isn’t that what the two of you seek? You can either do it now, or you can wait for later. Both are good—but why wait? Get in touch with your soul right now. She (or he) is waiting for you!

When you make the two one … then shall you enter the Kingdom.

If God indeed hopes for something, it is for your body and soul to live in his world. To become whole, or “two in one flesh,” the same as when you were born. So ask your Father to show you unimaginable wonders. Ask to walk hand-in-hand with him every day, the same as God did with Adam and Eve. You’ll love what happens next.

Nowhere does Scripture state that we humans may not return to paradise. It is said that the path to the tree of life is “narrow,” “guarded,” and “watched over.” But the way is open. For those of us with faith, love, and hope in our hearts, the road home is free and clear. And neither one of us are Adam or Eve.

Me? I’m both. And you?

The Disciples say to Yeshua: Tell us how our end shall be. Yeshua says: Have you then discovered the origin, so that you inquire about the end? … Blest is he who shall stand at the origin—and he shall know the end, and he shall not taste death.”

About Freely Receive: Content and Subject Matter
Annotated Gospel of Thomas at Freely Receive
Annotated Gospel of Thomas at Freely Receive

The content of this website is twofold. First, I am honored to host the Coptic Christian gospels of Thomas, Philip, and Truth, all of which feature brilliantly annotated translations, insightful commentary, and saintly, scholarly work from Prof. Thomas Paterson Brown.

By any definition the Coptic gospels are not Gnostic. Dr. Brown devoted his life to prove these texts are in fact valid Christian writings. Freely Receive makes it easy compare the Coptic gospels to their biblical counterparts. Here you will find the priceless, untouched wisdom the Lord and his disciples taught—long before the Roman Church opened its doors!

Yeshua says: I shall give to you what eye has not seen and what ear has not heard and what hand has not touched and what has not arisen in the mind of mankind.

All other content is either my own, or borrowed from those kind beings whose contributions I cherish. I share my experiences, pitfalls, and practical wisdom I’ve gained on the road to E’den. Here you will also find personal commentary, intriguing revelations, and hard-won truths that can help you improve your connection to God and the divine space that awaits you.

I love you, I trust you, and I believe in you.
— Andrew Michael


Accept God’s Name

Whether or not we accept God’s Name, all of us share it. So why does it feel so awkward to say “My Father” in public?

“Every Being In The Universe” – KPAX, 2001

What does it mean to accept God’s Name? Many faiths tell us the Name is ours by birthright. Why then does it seem odd to assert direct lineage to God—and much more proper to honor our human parents?

“Because you offend those who don’t believe what you believe,”  chides the human world. I see. Isn’t everyone descended from God? By itself, belief in a creator is not a religion.  But just imagine telling someone in the grocery store what your Father in heaven said to you last night. Once in a while I do this. My hope is that when I accept God’s Name as a normal, everyday thing for myself, so might others. Someone asked us to do this a while back. He didn’t seem too concerned about offending people.

“Do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and he is in heaven.”
Matthew 23:9

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My Journey Into Chaos

My rather dark journey into chaos holds an important truth. Those who seek to learn the workings of creation (or be saved from them) need only ask God for help. In my case I also asked to see the kingdom of God. I’m sure that I didn’t say “kingdoms,” but that’s what I got. There exists an endless number of kingdoms. Some are ruled by living beings, God, or both. And there is at least one realm I know of that doesn’t seem to have a ruler.

Chaos. Imagine yourself cast adrift in a realm in which the smallest thought cannot exist. Whom will you call on when you can’t remember your name?

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“Will Not Taste Death”

“You will not taste death,” proclaims the Lord. Due to a vast number of similar Gospel instances, evading death seems like Jesus Christ’s primary message. Indeed, with so much corroborating testimony from highly credible biblical sources compel this kingdom seeker to trust in Christ’s word. Serious disciples can explore related content here at FreelyReceive.

Whoever believes Christ’s word will not taste death:

“Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.”
Matthew 16:28

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