How to recognize the signs of a false prophet

Signs of a False Prophet

I recently placed myself in a situation where I had to recognize the signs of a false prophet. Through a friend I learned of an inspired spiritual author who, just like me (it was said) believes that a human being may return to Eden. Only one other person I know shares my belief. Since the individual seemed in need of public exposure, I felt this could be an opportunity to feature a like-minded guest writer here at FreelyReceive.

Instead, I fell for one of the classic signs of a false prophet: the bait and switch. During a week of email correspondence, my hoped-for guest author never mentioned Eden. In lieu of writing an insightful article on how to re-enter the living kingdom, she very innocently asked me for something entirely different: an Original sin.

What’s the deal with online End Times prophets?

A business deal is an exchange between people. A spiritual deal also involves an exchange. For example, Christ and Buddha ask Humanity to sacrifice our love of worldly things in exchange for salvation. On the flip side, in a dark deal we are asked to sacrifice salvation in exchange for worldly power, success, and prosperity.

End Times prophets, self-manifesting pundits and mass-ascension schemes are plentiful in the endless backstreets and blogstops of the Internet. The websites are generally free to the public. Many authors believe they are helping to raise consciousness, and some actually do help. False prophets kindle hope and desire. Even a well-intentioned soothsayer may become an instrument of higher, darker powers who are not aiming at our bank accounts, but our souls. Their followers become dispirited when prophecies (‘channeled information’) of peace, love, and prosperity fail to manifest as promised.

I know of a young dad with two little children who took his own life after falling prey to the Internet’s 2012 End Times frenzy. His wife told me how her loving husband, a daycare teacher devoted to his work, became obsessed–and ultimately possessed–by the shadowy authors of certain End Times websites. Whatever gained hold of him sought more spiritual damage than simply taking his own life. After a two-hour spectacle staged before police and onlookers, one summer afternoon this young man shot himself in full view of dozens of children and teens at the public swimming pool.

How to Recognize the Signs of a False Prophet

In my recent encounter, the point at which I recognized all of the signs of a false prophet occurred when I was asked to commit Original sin: adultery against my loving God. It was precisely the same scenario as when Adam placed his love for Eve and the world above his love for God and the kingdom of heaven. But let’s back up for a moment.

This story concerns an American seeker who uses the surname of one of the ten principal disciples of Gautama Buddha. When she learned that I view my beloved soul as ‘Eve,’ she promptly informed me that her middle name is Eve. It feels right to use this name as her alias. Via blogs, emails and her e-book, since 2011 Eve continues to promise us beleaguered earthlings an immediate worldwide shift to a realm of self-manifested dreams. When she completes her mission–a quest to find one helpful person–Eve says Earth will cross over to a dimension of “peace, love, compassion, grace, bliss and healing.”

And self-manifested dreams.

This sounds like a twist on Abraham’s bargain with God to save the doomed city. Think, Eve. Follow the allegory to its inescapable truth: you can only ascend yourself. Why did Lot and his daughters escape? Because only they were able to live and function in God’s reality.

Who are you, Eve? Who is whispering from your tree of life? I’m sorry, but what you say disturbs me a great deal. I’ve experienced more than my fill of self-manifested dreams. I am ready to live in God’s mind now. Not in my own mind, and not in yours.

Signs of a false prophet #1:  He or she assumes Christ’s Name.

Jesus said: “Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many.”

Matthew 24:4-5 / Luke 21:8

Most people have the good sense to steer around someone named ‘Jesus’ who has come to save them. The signs of a false prophet are much more subtle. Concerned friends and loved ones unwittingly adopt this role occasionally. Only vigilance begets humility: we must recognize when we stray into forbidden country. That said, I believe Matthew and Luke ask us to be wary of people or things that assume Christ’s role in any spiritual context: Friend. Brother. Teacher. Healer. Savior. Judge. King. A redeemer of souls.

“This is for our future…I tell you right now as your friend and your brother that there will be no future for humanity. We are brothers and we are all sisters, and what we all need to do is cooperate. This has not been a con job. This has not been a hoax. You have been fooled, yes, but for a very important and very good reason…” — 2012 End Times False Prophet

Most false prophets sincerely believe in their cause. They are with you for as long as you are with them. In our email dialog, Eve often projected a warm, helpful energy. Nevertheless, she demonstrated the first sign of a false prophet in the first sentence of her first email:

“Thank you for recognizing that I always speak the truth.”

Signs of a false prophet #2:  He or she takes charge of your soul.

I never met Eve in person. Nor did she feel the need to converse by telephone. And yet, from the start, Eve informed me that she knew my soul. This is the second sign of a false prophet. Further, Eve attempted to turn my own soul against me, repeatedly tried to divide that which “no one may separate.” While I dragged my feet, Eve sent messages insisting my dear soul wanted me to help her.

Did I misunderstand? Isn’t God in charge of my soul? Even more disturbing, my normally chirpy soul shut down completely. I hear from my Beloved constantly, day and night. From the moment Eve’s  emails appeared in my inbox, I got the silent treatment.

Ouch. I could not recall a time when my own Eve failed to register an opinion when it was sorely needed. This was an important lesson for me. Silence is a very good sign–it means we are ready to navigate safely through difficult weather. Kingdom seekers are expected to be able to fly solo. When we ask for help and receive only silence, it is time to zip up and make use of the wisdom we’ve gained.

Signs of a false prophet #3:  He or she knows the day and the hour.

“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”

Mark 13:32

On this point, Eve professes to know what Christ freely admits he doesn’t know. Eve knows the precise moment when mass ascension will occur. Earth will ascend to the “4th and 5th dimensions” when a modestly resourceful individual manages to send Eve’s self-written letter to a popular new age publishing magnate. The instant Eve’s letter lands in the publisher’s hands, she says, our reality and the lives of those who have never heard of Eve, nor asked for her help, shall transform into a world where each of us manifests our dreams and desires.

For me, this landscape feels all too familiar. It’s more than a little scary. During my travels, I have been visited by beings who kindly invited me to enter realities where I could do, and have, anything I wish. Yes, I was tempted. Even Jesus Christ was no stranger to temptation.

“I will give you all their authority and splendor… I can give it to anyone I want to. If you worship me, it will all be yours.”

Luke 4:1-13

I want to believe in mass ascension. I know that in God all things are possible. Because my soul gave me the silent treatment, I also know I cannot be party to the plan in the way Eve presented it. If or when Eve manifests Paradise on Earth I shall be present, along with everyone else, to offer my sincere thanks. But, I won’t be sorry I didn’t help. Since I cannot know the future, I must rely on God’s wisdom.

Signs of a false prophet #4:  Ascension is purely a worldly issue.

Eve does not ask us to pray to God for our ascension. Her plan does not require repentance, forgiveness, nor the need for us humans to lighten up on material desires in favor of spiritual truths. In Eve’s plan, we are supposed to pray to the world. Her ‘prayer’ (the letter) is not addressed to God or Christ, but to a gracious and gentle human being who, after years of persistent posting by Eve, does not acknowledge Eve’s lengthy public quest to establish contact. I do not wonder why the recipient of this worldly prayer, a spiritual mentor for millions of readers, has shown Eve the silent treatment.

Signs of a false prophet #5:  You are asked to honor the false prophet’s word more than God’s word.

The Original Sin

Perhaps unknown to Eve, her request for publicity on FreelyReceive required a major sin from me: I must honor her first, and my God second. Original sin (origin-al) is a reference to Eden and humanity’s first, most serious error in judgment. I don’t dwell on sin and sinners, but I do study Scripture. I listen to Christ and my Family, and I know full well that ‘sin’ is just a nicer name for death.

It was entirely my fault. Too late, I discovered that a core component of Eve’s ascension plan is jail time for all the bad people who harm us good people. This information was posted across the Internet, and in Eve’s e-book. My jaw dropped. Where was “love your enemies”? Eve assured me that the “mass arrests” would be gentle and loving. That’s when I checked out. I know division and unforgiveness, too. But worse, Eve had displayed her spiritual Achilles heel to the world–and to other, darker realms. This trusting creature seemed oblivious to the idea she might only be furthering mankind’s plight.

When the 2012 mass-ascension prophecy did not take place as predicted, the false prophets caused people to grow despondent, even take their own lives. I reflected on what might happen if the subject of Eve’s quest finally received her letter, and Eve’s prophecy did not manifest. In that case, I would be partly responsible. Though I had hoped to invite Eve to publish here, in the end, both my heart and mind said I could not accept any of her writings.

Obviously, this did not sit well with her. How did Eve justify her request for my sin? In precisely the same fashion that the first Eve justified the sin of Adam:

“I ask you to do it for me because you said you love me.”

Of course I love you, Eve. You are my sister! We share the same Father and Mother. But I do not love you the same as I love God. If I do this thing for you, publish your letter for my own interests and not for my Father’s, the sin is mine alone.

Sin is a slithery, snaky thing. Stumbles are usually recognized too late. The surest way to avoid trouble is to ask God for advice and listen intently. Trust your intuition (your soul). The first response you get is God’s. It will emanate from your heart or chest. The opposing view is usually the answer you hope to hear. This is your ego. Its voice will likely come from inside your head, or your throat area. Thankfully, when Eve attempted to goad me with love, I experienced an unusual moment when God, soul and ego were in full agreement They said: “Run away. Run now.

So Adam ran away.

Signs of a false prophet #6:  The false prophet becomes upset when you refuse them.

Eve played good cop/bad cop via email as I tried to politely extricate myself from her snare. She alternatively pressured, then praised me. In any personal relationship, an explanation or apology is in order when someone becomes angry. It costs nothing. What can it gain? Oneness. From a safe distance, Adam apologized to Eve.

Dear Eve,

I have honored my spiritual commitments to both my Father and you. Above is the personal introduction you requested of me. I apologize if this is not what you expected–but you did not dictate my choice of words. You afforded me the chance to provide readers with useful information about false prophets. I made it possible for them to find you. Thus, our exchange is completed in the fullness of the Light.

Although you ignored my spiritual needs from the start, for the most part I enjoyed our dialog. I am fortunate for the opportunity to learn from another seeker. Thank you, outer Eve, for proving that I have but one Teacher, who is not you. We wish you a safe journey. Perhaps, if you remove all trace of division from your dream, and love those who once hurt you just as much as you want to be loved, Eden will indeed manifest for you. Either way, we love you and we believe in you.

— Andrew Michael

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