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    1. The sphragis—the seal of the Holy Spirit—appeared at first to me in August of 2012, about one month after I prayed for Father to teach me his truths. My room was dark at the time and the bedroom curtains were shut. To me the seal looked a big, luminous flower on my ceiling about 6 feet (1.8m) distant. I sketched the seal in my notebook but I did not know what it was.

      The sphragis image shown above is similar to the one I saw in my room. Its color and contours are about the same. But I saw a bright-red double outline about 7 feet (2.13m) in diameter. There were no letters or marks inside it. Instead, “my” sphragis resembled a geometric laser-light pattern at a rock concert. Both rings flickered rapidly and rotated, clockwise, at different speeds. The appearance of the sphragis lasted perhaps 10 seconds.

      The seal of the Holy Spirit next appeared to my girlfriend on March 16, 2013. The sphragis appeared to her at night in the same bedroom where I had seen it. I was awake both before and after the time she saw the seal. I did not see the seal, however, probably because many other odd phenomena occurred that night.

      But the really strange part came from Mother Herself. Next morning my friend and I talked about the exciting events from the night before. As I opened my notebook she chanced to glimpse the sphragis drawing I made in 2012. She exclaimed, “That’s what I saw last night!”

      At that time neither one of us knew anything about the seal of the Holy Spirit. The difference in her sphragis appearance is that it was much larger than the seal I saw in 2012. She said that the seal was huge—it covered the entire bedroom ceiling. One other difference: the seal had a heavy black outline (not red).

      Thank you, Andrew, for your interest in this subject. Although I cannot say who sent us the seal, Christ seems the most likely answer (see the link below). I’ve been visited by the Holy Spirit six times in that same bedroom. For you, and those curious for more details, next month I will publish a description of those visits. I’ll also post a few crude sketches.

      See John 6:27, 2 Cor. 1:22

      Peace and light,
      Andrew Michael
      f r e e l y † r e c e i v e

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