Reclaiming my Father in Heaven | By Andrew Michael

Reclaiming My Father in Heaven

Prayer tips from a modern day Christian mystic.

I must confess to stumbling off the path of late. Mostly this was due to worldly concerns, which include but are not limited to cursing at buggy software, nonstop work, and a small financial surprise when I took Elena, my assistant, to buy a new Apple computer. In order to fix my troubles, though my straights were not dire, I set about reclaiming my Father in heaven.

Reclaiming My Father in Heaven | Prayer tips from a modern day Christian mystic.

For those who haven’t got to know me, I am a Christian mystic. Sort of like John the Baptist—but I don’t starve myself or dress in camel hair and leather. Neither do I belong to any specific religious sect, although I was raised by a Catholic scholar. Much the same as St. John, though, I study the supernatural aspects of creation, God, and how to know him. My work brings me light, darkness, joy, fear, and countless visitors both seen and unseen. But the true object of study is me. The lesson plan, thanks to my star teacher Master Christ, is aimed at unconditional love.

All of that simply means that I spend much of my prayer time seeking methods to love those who are hard to love. In point of fact, some of the beings who visit my room (and my thoughts) can inflict a great deal of stress and even physical pain. My task is to learn how to make peace with these strangers. Earthly ones, too.

It seems that I’m a popular guy. My “visitors” number in the tens of thousands.

Here on earth, serving two masters is a fact of life.

The demands of earthly human life can make things difficult for those who seek a 24/7 relationship with God. This sounds rather silly, but I stick Post-it notes around my home that remind me to stay close to my heavenly family. Despite the extra effort, spending time with Father, Master, Mother, and Abigale (my soul and breath of life) brings me more peace and joy than any earthly activity.

Compared to God I am just a little child. I don’t always know what’s good for me. So I let my family call the shots because toiling in a world ruled by billions of human gods numbs my mind and spirit. Every once in a while, though, when the human world grows too stressful I tend to cheat my heavenly family time. This was one of those times.

As a result, for several weeks I had not seen much astral light in my room. I noticed it just once. I felt anxious and out of step, quick to judge and too slow to love.  So after a late evening nap that got rudely hijacked by a dark, visitor induced nightmare, I chose to stay in bed. I’d promised to pray for some sick people and a few other folks who were down on their luck. Over a week had passed and still I had not done this.

Reclaiming My Father in Heaven | Prayer tips from a modern day Christian mystic.

Reclaiming my Father in heaven calls for prayer.

Snug and warm in the dark quiet, the only sound was my dear soul toning cheerily in my left ear. It’s the perfect time for a nice visit with Father, her tones said.

“Yes it is, my love.” First up, we needed to send some light to Joanne, a hyper intelligent scholarly person who’d grown quite excited with my soul marriage and light-making activities. Sadly, beneath the weight of a great deal of worldly pressures, Joanne fell away. Before her prayer could begin, however, Abbey and I had to do some light housework.

Thieves in the temple.

Laying in the dark, door shut tight, I was sure that more than a few squatters lurked inside me. During sleep, or times of intense worry, these unruly little guys can get inside my body and head. Christ and his disciples called them “demons.” Via thought and dream, demons breed negative emotions. Then they feed on our dark energy. All of us get demons. It’s not fun, of course, but it’s normal and rather harmless.

Aside from the riff-raff a great many helpful beings dwell within us. Christ, the great lover, is one example. So is our soul, or spirit. Most light beings come and go, but our souls cannot leave us for more than a minute or two.  Light beings enter us when we’re happy, loving God, ourselves, and others, or just having a nice time. Some light beings remain on duty during long periods of hardship. The key is to relax and trust that some form of heavenly help is close at hand.

But, when I can’t seem to shake my mood, I call on Master’s name.

Yes, it’s true: thinking or saying the Name scares the heck out of demons. How so? Using Jesus Christ’s name while picturing him inside me terrifies any dark being. It’s roughly the same as telling a God-loving person, “The devil is standing behind you!”

About light.

Since I’d recently been stuck in a negative mindset, my guess was that most of our visitors were not the helpful kind. In order to cleanse our body and prepare for Joanne’s prayer, my soul and I called up some internal light. Using the mantra “From life to light,” light’s pulsing energy began to sooth all of our trouble spots: chest, eyes, head, and the dark thoughts inside it. Interested readers: see Thomas 11 and Matthew 6:22, where Christ hints at the light making process. (email me for help with this subject)

Reclaiming my Father in heaven calls for lots of light.

I call on the light at all hours and during our healing prayers. So what is light? Is it a form of life? I did not know, so I asked Father to  help me. Simply put, “life” is consciousness. “Light” is God’s consciousness. Light is pure, unconditional love. As an aspect of Christ, light is also highly intelligent—a supernal loving spirit who in turn deserves our love and thanks. The presence of light in and around the body is the surest way to evict squatters (demons flee from love and light) and create a clean-swept vessel of prayer.

Another gift, one that I asked for, lets me see what most people cannot see. At exactly the point when the light had reached its peak, a half dozen cloud-like, faintly glowing squatters—panicked by a forced encounter with Christ and the light—madly exited our body.

The offending beings, most of whom looked like ghostly, baseball size puffs of dirty cloud, fled upward through the blankets or escaped from my eyes. When the demons reached the ceiling, most of them went straight through it. Others lurked up there, waiting for a chance to regain a cozy place inside our body. Those who could manifest eyes or a ghostly face scowled down at me. It was hard not to smile. After a while, with a bit more effort from us all of the naughties had fled the bedroom.

End of Round One.

Reclaiming my Father in heaven requires non-judgment.

Next, a new wave of squatters dive-bombed us. A large number of dirty clouds rushed for our tummy, chest, and head. According to Christ, a freshly cleansed human body is highly desirable real estate for all manner of demons. That said, the surest and quickest way to become unclean (get reentered) is to cast judgment on them. This is equally true in human relationships.

God’s truth: humans make lousy judges. Because we exist from minute to minute we cannot discern another being’s inner state of good or evil. As stated, I am just a child. Only God knows these things. I do not cast judgment on anyone, be they an angel, family member, animal, demon, or a shadowy someone on the street. Instead I trust God to keep me clean.

So when the fresh troops dropped in I did not view them as “evil spirits.” I thought to them loudly, “Hey! Jesus is here! Come on down!” Same as the first wave, the newbies were repelled by my thoughts. They reversed course, scattered, and fled.

Light to the rescue.

The evening skirmish saw a rare event: the light mixed in with the goons. Perhaps to ensure success, several luminous, blue-white shafts of light raced down at us. As each shaft neared the blankets it formed an arch shape, curled around our abdomen, and entered us. One small cloud tarried near my mouth for a while. I supposed that this bright little guy wanted me to inhale him. So I did that. A strong scent of  myrrh graced my mouth and nostrils.

Father! Almost home now…

Reclaiming my Father in heaven calls for real joy.

The best thing about God is that we cannot destroy his love for us. No matter what we’ve done, God sees us as lovable creatures. But, while Father can show me endless glory, he does not send joy. Without joy the experience is lifeless. No, the key to reclaiming my Father in heaven is to bring my joy to him. It’s not hard. I just remind myself that I have the most awesome dad of all. I also created three “anthem” prayers, one for each person of the Trinity, to help me feel joyous. When Abbey and I go into our room I recite one or all of these anthems. Feel free to use them. Or make up your own anthem and help it evolve!

Reclaiming My Father in Heaven | Prayer tips from a modern day Christian mystic.

“Two in one flesh” – the proxy prayer.

Now free of dark guests and ready for Joanne’s prayer, I called again on light and the Name to ensure that we were clean. I chose a prayer based on Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Because he was human like us, Christ’s selfless act—to heal the world—teaches that we, too, can merge with others and ask God to heal them.

First I imagine the subject and his or her hardships. Then, using breath work, I inhale that person into our body. When we enter this state (“two in one flesh”), the internal light patterns point out the location and nature of the problem. Next, I ask the light to remain on that spot for a time. Light can also provide external information. During the proxy prayer I either felt or heard that Joanne had fallen prey to hard times.

Years ago Abbey taught me the safest, simplest, most effective prayer I know of. So I used it for Joanne. “Father, we ask that you help Joanne find the perfect life you intended her to live. We ask this in the name of Christ, our lord, amen.”

Reclaiming my Father in heaven calls for detachment.

After our prayer we again cleansed with light. A few last squatters shot out of our body. No surprise there. I’d known, of course, that Joanne’s financial situation had been a serious one. Just before she went silent she sent us one last email: “Please pray for me and my family.” Which we’d repeatedly done. This time, though, Joanne’s strong light patterns showed me that she was alive and kicking.

I was sure that Father would make things work.

I love you, I trust you, and I believe in you.
—Andrew Michael

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