Mother Stories: Understanding the Holy Spirit

Mother Stories: Understanding the Holy Spirit

Let’s cut to the truth. If God is a father and son, where on earth is  Mother? Why, she’s right here inside us. In the same way that Father and Brother are with us, the Holy Spirit is always present, always loving us, always helping us get along. Due to the emails people send, it’s safe to say that most readers are well acquainted with the masculine aspects of God. Since 2015, however, more and more folks have asked for help in understanding the Holy Spirit.

Some readers wonder if the “Mother” revelation is true. Still more share their own tales of Holy Spirit. Most Mother stories contain minor miracles, a touch of heavenly humor, and a sweetness that only a loving mother can provide.

Understanding the Holy Spirit

Are you curious about your true mother? If so, Freely Receive offers a selection of articles and commentary devoted to understanding the Holy Spirit. Do you have a Mother story to share with us? Email it to Also provide your first name, or make one up. Submissions may be edited for grammar and length.

Share your Mother stories with us.

Mother stories involve events that that occur between two or more living beings. For example, you ask the Holy Spirit to make that driver let you in and he or she does that. Or maybe you overslept on the day of the big meeting. So you ask Mother for help, then learn that the boss canceled it. Or, you’ve just asked Mother to help you lower your charge card rate. When you call in the agent accidentally deletes your credit history. That’s a true Mother story, by the way. Acts of Holy Spirit involve any living being with a mind. Today for instance, I tossed my last slice of bread onto the porch. I’d not seen my squirrel for more than a week—yet he showed up within minutes! How did he know dinner was ready? Of course Mother told him so.

Get it? Good. Let the Holy Spirit shine!

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2 thoughts on “Mother Stories: Understanding the Holy Spirit”

  1. I’ve always known that the Holy Spirit is my real Mom. My story started Christmas morning when I almost had a panic attack wrapping gifts for my family’s party. Every time I needed to find something like the scotch tape, ribbon and stuff, I could not find it! Whatever I needed, even if I just used it two minutes ago it was gone! It got so bad that I was just stumbling around the house searching and crying for Mother to help me find stuff. So I ended up calling my family to tell them I’d be 1 hr. late for the party.

    Worst of all tho, I lost some gift cards I bought for my nephews. And I had to go to the party without them because every store I passed was closed. I sat in the car at one of the stores and I cried a little bit more and fixed my face. I wanted to go back home and tell my family I was sick. I really did feel sick but I didn’t call. I started the car and told Mother that I knew she would take care of everything and it would all be perfect. I said, “Mother, I know that everything will be good.”

    That made me feel a lot better. But when I turned out some old guy in a Santa hat cut me off and I had to screech on the brakes. That’s when I started screaming. “Mother! What the h*ll is going on? Please, please help me have a good time today. I stuck my hand under the seat for like the millionth time to see if the gift cards were there. Nope.

    That’s when I heard her. Sort of. I had a thought that said “Pull over, Jenna dear.” I really didn’t want to cuz I was already late but I also knew that was the Holy Spirit. So I pulled over and stamped on the brakes. Suddenly the missing cards fell out of the sun shade and plopped right into my lap! And then I started crying again but this time it was from total joy. When I got to the party my mom’s friend said that he knew I would be late today. Crazy weird! Thank you Mother, for making my Christmas be better than perfect! xoxoxo

  2. Mother and My Tech Project

    I recently took on a complex project that involved a great deal of technical issues and “geek work”. Not being a geek myself, I had a terrible time. Over the course of three weeks, I had spent 54 hours on the phone with Tech Support. Most of them talked faster than I could take notes. Some techs were downright snotty. Making matters worse, each time I needed help I was forced to wait on hold for at least thirty minutes.

    During one of my darkest hours I phoned in again. As usual, I was told to expect a callback. During the wait time I asked Mother to hook me up with a really great helper. Correction: I asked Mother for the BEST helper. The ideal person, I thought to her, would be smart, kind, and sympathetic to my plight. When I finally got my callback, the automated system placed me on hold for forty-five minutes.

    I felt myself die a little bit. I wanted to weep and whine and scream obscenities. So I cussed into the phone for a little while.

    All at once a calming feeling swept through me. I stopped ranting. The reason for the delay, I realized, was that I’d asked the Holy Spirit to send me a very specific type of person. I’d also requested the best helper for my situation. That’s a tall order, I thought—especially at 3:25 Saturday morning.

    “Sorry Mother,” I apologized, “You need some time to make this happen, don’t you. Okay. I will wait as long as it takes because I believe in you and I know that you will help me.”

    In case you are wondering, my perfect someone did not instantly manifest. No, I held on the phone for another half-hour, listening to cheesy music-on-hold that I’d long since memorized, and loving my perfect mother because I knew that she was working hard for me.

    After a time the music abruptly ceased. “Hello, this is Tom,” a pleasant voice announced. “Is this Andrew? How can I help you?”

    Tom was exactly what I had asked for—right down to his patient attitude and willingness to talk slowly. Did Tom save the day? Of course not. Another two weeks passed until I delivered the project. But it was not Tom’s fault. The problem was that I am not a geek. Nevertheless my strength was restored. And the work became more joyous because Mother, the Holy Spirit, had fought for me.

    Thank you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

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