Let God Give You Everything

Let God Give You EverythingI wish to invite willing readers to explore a radical new prayer idea. Scrap all of your self-imposed limitations on what you think God will or won’t do for you. From this day forth I ask you to forget about what seems “possible,” or “reasonable,” or what you think you don’t deserve—and let God give you everything that your dreams never dreamed of.

As a Christian mystic I see and learn things that most folks do not. But I confess to having soft-pedaled my estimates on the sheer, infinite power of the one who gives life. Despite the many miracles and blessings I’ve both received and witnessed in others, I fell rather shy of the mark: Guilty of small thinking. Imprisoned by the restrictions I’d placed on what is possible for God. Assessing everything that I thought I deserved, and all that I did not.

My challenge requires you to drop the humble pie act you picked up in church, admit that you are a direct son or daughter of the Most High, and let God give you everything that’s just perfect for you. So try it. Test the limits of your imagination. What crazy fantasies and unheard-of situations can you dream up for yourself? Good parents love to rain untold gifts on their kids. But think now about perfect parents. God, for example. What sort of gifts do you expect? Your father in heaven can match you and up the stakes. 

Give God something to create—your self.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

You will soon find that it is impossible to imagine what’s possible.  Curl up in your bed or any quiet, cozy spot, then surround yourself with your heavenly family. A few extra pillows can add to the effect. Do you have a vision of a wild new life? Envision it again. Discuss it. Then ask God if you can have that. Don’t make it too easy for him and be sure to badger no less that twice per day. Or, maybe like me you prefer surprises? Whether it’s a birthday or a Monday night in May, good parents love to surprise their kids with fabulous presents. Besides the usual things people pray for, God can also give you absolute truth, or something that’s straight out of this world.

Seven years ago I asked for both. My bet is that your imagination will fail you, just like mine did.

— Andrew Michael

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