If Christ had Lived Would You Still Believe

If Christ had Lived Would You Still Believe?

Following this short post I share an Easter commentary by Father Donald Senior, President Emeritus, Chancellor, and Professor of New Testament Studies at Chicago Catholic Theological Union.

This Saturday morning I phoned a friend to read to her some of Father Senior’s comments. In response, she challenged me with a thought I’d never considered. “If Christ had lived on, would you still believe in him?”

Well, of course I would believe. But not the same way as I do now. During my life I’ve witnessed and received a number of miracles. I visit, sleep, eat, and hang out with the heavenly family day and night. But without the Resurrection—the ultimate confirmation of Jesus’ godhood and his role in the Trinity—I’m not so sure. I cannot say whether I would have preferred the Gospels, Judaism, Buddha, or stock trading. I might not have believed in a God.

What’s more, if Christ had lived on, would the Gospels exist today?  If he had lived, would we still believe in him? How much does Jesus’ greatest miracle matter in our lives and our civilization?

I wish readers a glorious celebration of Christ and life. With, perhaps, a compassionate sniffle or two.

— Andrew Michael

“Where are the bones now?”

Read Father Donald Senior’s Easter commentary →

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