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The Light and the Black Thing

The Light visited my room last night after a three-day absence. The brief sabbatical was a bit curious, but not worrisome. Since I began working devoutly with the principles of Thomas 11, visible clouds of Light manifest almost daily. Last night, after a minute of high-spirited swirling and face-teasing (normal Light behavior) a huge, intimidating Black Thing appeared among the frolicsome clouds of Light.

Our surprise guest was nearly circular, perhaps five feet in diameter. But, my surprise became something more than that when I realized the right half of the Black Thing bore the sardonic profile of a (mostly) human face. ‘Blackie’ sported a chin, mouth, nose and brow.

Beginning at the crown of my head, a bone-chilling shiver penetrated every part of my being as it snowballed downward.

The Light and the Black

Displaying highly developed intelligence, many of my Visitors are luminous and quite colorful: blues, pinks, violets, gold. Some are human-like, some are machine-like. Others display multidimensional forms I cannot describe. There is a group who are pure black: clusters of numerous dark specks—and small, black triangles no larger than a few inches in size. Another group, the Stars, are exactly that: bright pinpoints of pure white light. I routinely witness what appears to be an ongoing struggle between the Light and the Black. Quite possibly the black is darkness; my little black Speck friends create and feed on negativity within living beings, such as me and my houseplants. The Stars might be unattached souls. All of my Visitors are telepathic, and all else is conjecture. Four bemusing years after asking God for truth and wisdom, I cannot proclaim anything except the goodness of the Light, Father, and our heavenly Family.

With that point in mind, I summoned my courage, kept calm, and held no judgment against my new, extremely large black Visitor.

The Clouds held no such reservation. Playtime was abruptly halted. Before I knew what was happening, the Light coalesced as a single large Cloud and headed straight at the Black Thing. As it drew near, the Light formed a four-foot doughnut shaped ring, which effectively encircled the lower portion of the intruder. Borne on a pillow of puffy white Light, the hapless Black Thing was escorted heavenward—then soundlessly, effortlessly, pushed straight through the bedroom ceiling.

I was stunned. In just a few seconds the Clouds expelled Blackie! Of course I hoped to reflect on the incident, but the the Cloud party had already resumed as scheduled. Wave after wave of Light descended on me, penetrated the blankets. Some of the Clouds entered my torso. Others permitted me to inhale them though the mouth, then breathe out billows of foggy Light. Though not an uncommon activity, Light-breathing is always divinely thrilling.

Reflections on Darkness and Light

Still, I wondered at what transpired earlier. Had the Black Thing come from elsewhere, or from me? Did the Light drop in just to say “hello,” or had it come to perform a healing? I didn’t feel any different after Blackie’s expulsion. My soul was silent on the subject. No freebies this time. On the narrow road we are like the little child. We try to accept everything and resist nothing. If there is darkness afoot, we know our Father will handle it. Personally, I side with the idea that much of the darkness along this path is my own.

—Andrew Michael 2016-5-29

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