Reclaiming my Father in Heaven | By Andrew Michael

Reclaiming My Father in Heaven

Tonight I must confess to falling a bit off-track. This is mostly due to worldly concerns, which include but aren’t limited to sparring with buggy software, nonstop work day and night, and something of a financial surprise earlier today when it came time to buy a new Apple computer for my assistant, Elena. In order to remedy my issues, even though my straights were not dire, tonight I set about reclaiming my Father in heaven.

Maintaining a constant 24/7/365 relationship with God requires just as much time and dedication. In my case, reduce the first number by ten. Still, it carries much less stress and infinitely more joy than my worldly work. But living in a realm ruled by human gods? That’s hard! Sometimes I cheat my heavenly Family time. As a result, for the past several weeks I’ve not seen much light in my bedroom. Noticed it just once a few days ago. So, after this evening’s nap when I awoke from a bland dream unworthy of recall, I chose to stay awake. I needed to pray for some sick and injured people plus a few others who were down on their luck. A week had passed and I still hadn’t done it.

Snug and warm in the dark quiet, the only sound was my dear soul toning cheerily in my left ear. Now seemed the perfect time to reclaim my perfect Father. First I wanted to connect with Joanne, a sincere, hyper intelligent scholarly person who’d grown quite excited with my soul marrying and light making adventures. Sadly, ravaged by a great deal of worldly pressure, poor Joanne fell away. Before our prayer could begin, however, I had to take care of some light housework.

Strangers in the House

Lying in my bed, door shut tight, I was sure that I had a few strangers in me. All of us have squatters, both physically and in our thoughts. These unruly little guys get into us while we are asleep, stressed out, or worried. Squatters are what Christ and his disciples call “demons.” They feed on negative emotions—and can also create them. But we have helpful beings inside us as well. These enter us when we are happy, loving ourselves, God, and others, or just having a good time. This evening, because I’d recently been living in the former mindset, I suspected that most of my tenants were not the helpful kind.

In order to cleanse and prepare our temple for Joanne, my soul and I whipped up some internal light. As its rhythmic, pulsing energy began to soothe all of my trouble spots—chest, eyes, my head and the heavy thoughts inside it—I gradually morphed the light into pure Christ-light with the mantra consume the light / transform it to Christ. For interested readers, Master hints at the life-to-light process at Thomas 11 and Matthew 6:22. Which, I found, can be stepped up to higher levels such as the true light of Christ.

Of all the wondrous gifts I’ve received from Father these past few years, light-making ranks among the top. I employ the light quite often, especially during healing prayers. Light is a living being who deserves all our love. The presence of light in my body, and more, the conscious presence of Christ within me, is the surest way I know to evict unwelcome squatters and create a clean, clear vessel of prayer.

I’m coming Father!

Reclaiming my Father starts by purging my darkness.

Another of Father’s special gifts was the sudden ability to see what most people cannot: immaterial and heavenly beings. Exactly at the point when the Christ-light took hold, dozens of eerie, faintly glowing squatters, who seemed panic stricken at the thought of a forced transition to the “good” light, madly vacated my body. No surprise. The demands and toils of earthly life fill me with negative energies. The offending beings, most of them no more than a golf ball size puff of dirty cloud, fled straight up. I watched them grow visually smaller as they neared the ceiling. Some went right through it. Others hung out up there, most likely awaiting the chance to regain a comfy spot inside a living body. Those who possessed faces and/or eyes scowled down at me. I tried not to smile. Respect for others is the kingdom seeker’s best asset.

After a while all of the vagrants had left my room. End of Round One.

The Judgment Workaround

Next, the  newbies showed up. At least a dozen small, murky clouds made a dash for my chest and head. According to Master, a freshly cleaned and swept human body is highly desirable real estate for all manner of beings. And, the surest, quickest way to become unclean (get reentered)  is to start casting judgment. Truth: human beings are lousy judgers. Because I can’t discern another being’s inner state of goodness or darkness, be it an angel, ghost, or someone on the street, I trust Master’s presence within to protect me. It’s important that I hold Christ’s Name firmly in mind. Yes, the Name works. The newbies chose not to enter me. At the first whiff of Christ they stopped, reversed course, and fled back to the ceiling.

The non judgment method steers me around sin, frees me of negative beings, and doesn’t cause me to reject the true light due to an error in judgment. Tonight it seemed that the white hats had mixed in with the goons. Several luminous, bluish-white strands dove straight through the blankets and entered my torso. Another tarried near my mouth for a while. I supposed that this bright little cloud wanted me to inhale it, so I breathed it in. A scent similar to myrrh lingered briefly in my nostrils.

Father, I’m home!

Reclaiming my Father is a joyous affair.

The beautiful thing about God and our heavenly Family is that we can never permanently fracture the relationship. But, as I’d earnestly tried to explain to Joanne, reclaiming my Father in heaven requires me to dump worldly facts. God is not subject to human dogma, laws or decrees. Early on, Christ’s well-known phrase “No one can serve two masters” caused me to steer clear of human wisdom, even some parts of the Bible, and bring my own humble joy and glory to God. The few facts that matter were revealed by his eldest son. They are not hard to understand. In order to reclaim my Father, I just pack a light bag and make the short drive to his place. Tonight it seemed I’d made the trip rather easily.

Now, free of unruly guests (for the time being) and ready for prayer time, me and my soul, my true and only spouse, took Joanne inside of us. We began the light-making process anew, then shared it with her mystical presence. While in this state, as two in one flesh (four if I count our souls), the internal light patterns often reveal the location of the subject’s issues. The light can also impart information. Tonight I felt sure that Joanne had fallen prey to hard times.

I’d  known that Joanne’s financial situation had been a desperate one. Her last email read: “Please pray for me and my family.” Which we’d repeatedly done. We asked Mother, the Holy Spirit, to provide Joanne enough for each day. That’s all we need when we live as God intended. I don’t think my response cheered her. I’m not sure our prayers went through, either. Healing largely depends on our choices and beliefs. And, I’d bet my last shekel that Father wants everyone to prosper.

The Recurrence of Light

More squatters fled from my body when, in union with Joanne, we approached the end of her prayer. I’m guessing that means she’s still kicking. Next up: Auntie May, ninety-five years of age and suffering from a broken hip, clavicle, and a recurrent heart condition. I was also concerned for May’s little dog, left alone each day and a senior herself. So we added doggie to the mix. Quite suddenly, one after another, waves of phosphorescent clouds (visible white light) reigned down on us. Light comes in all forms and colors, but the true light, the light from the beginning, is obvious. My little “stars,” pinpoints of sentient light that I see wherever I look, were more numerous and dazzling than they’d been for weeks. Then, just as we finished up with Auntie May, a few celestial beings swooped past to exchange light and love—one of our favorite events.

Of course my Father didn’t leave me. I just hadn’t made much time for him of late. Not to worry. After weeks of toil and hardship, reclaiming my Father and the glory filled, mind bending relationship that I’ve enjoyed every day for years took less than an hour’s time. As I earlier wrote, it’s a short drive to our Father’s house. All of us know the way by heart.

—Andrew Michael

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