Reclaiming my Father in Heaven | By Andrew Michael

Reclaiming My Father in Heaven

I confess to stumbling a bit off the path of late. Mostly this was due to worldly concerns, which include but aren’t limited to sparring with buggy software, nonstop work day and night, and something of a financial surprise when it came time to buy a new Apple computer for my assistant, Elena. In order to remedy my issues, though my straights were not dire, I set about reclaiming my Father in heaven.

Maintaining a 24/7 relationship with God calls for a good deal of focus. This might seem silly, but I place Post-it notes in my office and kitchen to help me stay close to my true Family. Despite these extra efforts to stay connected, I find it much easier to live in God’s world. Hours and days spent with Father, Master, Mother, and my amazing soul bring me infinitely more comfort and joy than any other activity. And I get what I need to support my modest, comfortable life. Toiling against a realm ruled by billions of amateur gods, however, can numb both my mind and spirit. Once in a while, when the world becomes burdensome, I tend to cheat my heavenly Family time.

As a result, for the past several weeks I’d not seen much light in my room. Noticed it only once. I’d also become somewhat anxious—quick to judge and slow to love.  So, after my evening nap the other night, rudely awakened by a  yucky dream unworthy of posting here, I chose to stay in bed. I’d promised to pray for some sick people and a few other folks who were down on their luck. Over a week had passed and I still had not done this.

Time to head Home

Snug and warm in the dark quiet, the only sound was my dear soul, who’d been toning cheerily in my left ear. Perfect time for reclaiming my perfect Father, her tones said. Yes, my love. First I wanted to connect with Joanne—a sincere, hyper intelligent scholarly person who’d grown quite excited with my soul marrying and light making activities. Sadly, under the weight of a great deal of worldly pressures, Joanne fell away. Before her prayer could begin, however, we had to perform some light housework.

Strangers in the House

While I laid in bed, door shut tight, I was sure that a few squatters were lurking inside of me. These wispy, unruly little guys get inside while I’m asleep, stressed out, or worried. Christ and his disciples called them “demons.” It’s quite normal. All of us have them. Via thought and dream, demons instill negative emotions. Then, they feed on them. We have helpful beings inside us, too. These enter when we are happy, loving ourselves, God, and others, or simply having a nice time. Since I’d been living in the former mindset, my guess was that most of my squatters were not the helpful kind.

In order to cleanse and prepare our temple for Joanne, my soul and I whipped up some internal light. As its rhythmic, pulsing energy began to soothe all of my trouble spots—chest, eyes, head and the heavy thoughts inside it—I gradually morphed the light into pure Christ-light using the mantra from life to light. For interested readers, at Thomas 11 and Matthew 6:22 Master hints at this life-to-light process. Which, as I just mentioned, can be stepped up to ever-higher levels such as the light of Christ.

Coming, Father…

Reclaiming my Father begins in life and light.

Of all the wondrous gifts Father has sent me these past few years, light-making ranks among the top. I call upon it day and night, and always during our healing prayers. Simply put, the light I describe here is God’s consciousness. It is an aspect of Christ, and a living force that deserves all of our love. The presence of light in my body, and more, the conscious presence of Christ within and around me, is the surest way I know to evict my demons and create a clean, cleared vessel of prayer.

Another of Father’s special gifts was my sudden ability to see what most people cannot: immaterial and heavenly beings. At exactly the point when the Christ-light reached its peak, dozens of greenish, faintly glowing squatters, who seemed stricken by this forced encounter with the “good” light, madly vacated my body.

No surprise. The demands and toils of earthly life had brought with them these negative energies. The offending beings, most of them appearing as ghostly, golf-ball size puffs of dirty cloud, fled upward. They escaped through the blankets and out of both eyes. I watched them grow progressively smaller as they neared the ceiling. Some went right through it. Others lurked up there, awaiting the chance to regain a comfy spot inside my living body. Those able to manifest a face and/or eyes scowled down at me. I tried hard not to smile. Light is light. From microbes to our Father in heaven, light covers the entire spectrum of consciousness. For that very reason, respect for others, indeed, love for all forms of  life, is the kingdom seeker’s prime asset.

Overcoming Judgment: the Simple Workaround

After a while, but not without a fair amount of retaliative efforts, all of the naughties had fled my body and bedroom.

End of Round One.

Next, the newbies showed up. At least a dozen small, murky clouds made a dash for my chest and head. According to Master, a freshly cleaned and swept human body is highly desirable real estate for all manner of intrusive beings. Worse, the surest, quickest way to become unclean (get reentered)  is to start casting judgments. This is equally true in human relationships.

God’s honest truth: human beings are lousy judges. Despite all of my hard-earned wisdom—be it an angel, ghost, or a shadowy someone on the street—I cannot discern another being’s inner state of goodness or darkness. So I trust Master’s presence within to protect me. Yes, the Name really works. The newbies were repelled the moment I breathed Christ, by name, into both mind and body. At the first whiff the attackers reversed course, scattered, and escaped through the ceiling and walls.

Non judgment is another key to the kingdom. It steers me around sin, frees me of negativity, and doesn’t cause me to reject the Christ-light (or any worldly being) due to an error in judgment. Tonight, however, it seemed like a few white hats had mixed in with the goons. Several luminous, turquoise-white strands dove straight down at me. As each long, dazzling cloud reached the blanket, it formed into an arch shape, wrapped itself around my abdomen, and entered my torso. One tiny guy tarried near my mouth for a while. I supposed that the bright little cloud wanted me to inhale it, so I did. A scent similar to myrrh graced my mouth and nose.

Father. Almost home now…

Reclaiming my Father is a joyous affair.

A beautiful aspect of God and our heavenly Family is that we can never permanently fracture our relationship. But the naughties love to create rifts. As I’d earnestly explained to Joanne, reclaiming my Father in heaven requires I dump human facts. God is not subject to man’s dogma, laws, or decrees. Christ’s well-known phrase “No one can serve two masters” reminds me to steer clear of human beliefs, even some parts of the Bible, and bring my own humble joy to God. Master will light my way. His words are easy to grasp. In order to reclaim my Father, I just pack a light bag and make the short drive to his place. That night it seemed I’d made the trip rather easily.

Now, free of unruly guests (for the time being) and ready for prayer time, me and my soul, my heavenly bride, took Joanne inside of us. We began the light-making process anew, then shared it with her mystical presence. While in this state, as two in one flesh (four if I count our souls), the internal light patterns often reveal the location of the subject’s issues. The light can also impart information. Tonight I suspected that Joanne had fallen prey to hard times.

I’d  known that Joanne’s financial situation had been a desperate one. Her last email read: “Please pray for me and my family.” Which we’d repeatedly done. We asked Mother (Holy Spirit) to provide Joanne enough for each day. That’s all anyone needs to live as God intended. Still, I don’t think my response cheered her. I’m not sure our prayers went through, either. God cannot heal us unless we truly want to be healed. And I’d gladly bet my last shekel that Father wants every one of his kids to prosper.

Recurrence of Light

A few hangers-on fled my body when, locked in a spiritual state of one flesh with Joanne, my soul and I approached the end of our prayer. So I assumed that Joanne was still kicking.

Next up was Auntie May, ninety-five years of age and suffering from a broken hip, clavicle, and a congestive heart condition. I was concerned for May’s little dog, too, alone each day and a senior herself. So we brought doggie into our prayer mix. Quite suddenly, more waves of luminous clouds tumbled down upon us. Light comes in all forms and colors, but the true light—the light from the beginning—is plainly obvious when spotted. My little “stars,” points of sentient light I can see wherever I look, were more numerous and dazzling than ever. Then, just as we finished with Auntie May, several human-like celestial beings swooped in to send us even more light, gratefully accepted.

Of course Father had not abandoned me! I just hadn’t made as much time for him of late. Not to worry. After weeks of worldly tension and hard knocks, reclaiming my Father was easy. Restoring the glory filled, mind bending relationship that I’d enjoyed and puzzled at for years required less than one hour of love and light.

As I hinted earlier, it’s a short drive to Father’s house. Each of us knows the way by heart.

—Andrew Michael

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