Practical Oneness - Meaning of Thomas 22

Practical Oneness (Thomas 22)

Practical Oneness is the meaning of Thomas 22. Christ instructs followers to ‘make the above as the below’ and experience the kingdom of God.

Oneness dwells at the heart of Christ’s teachings. His objective is to make the human ascension process comprehensible and achievable in one lifetime. With practice and faith, Yeshua’s wisdom and grace can inspire self healing for everything from stress and chronic anxiety to serious medical conditions. The ultimate goal of Master’s practical Oneness program is to assist God’s children to find heaven on earth. That term, children, is key to Oneness and ascension.

“I will rebuild this temple.”

This is not just a metaphor; God’s love truly does flow in your Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ himself? Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? 1 Corinthians 6:15/6:19body. Along with feelings of wholeness and extreme peace, Thomas 22, and several other logia, will create inner physical sensations. These reveal the many ways in which God’s life force interacts with all areas of the body. With practice, you will come to recognize, even join forces, with the delightfully healing energy patterns of the Holy Spirit.

Thomas 22: Make the two one.

Yeshua saw little children who are being suckled. He says to his Disciples: “These little children who are being suckled are like those who enter the Sovereignty.”

They say to him: “Shall we thus, by becoming little children, enter the Sovereignty?”

Yeshua says to them: “When you make the two one, and you make the inside as the outside and the outside as the inside and the above as the below, and if you establish the male with the female as a single unity so that the man will not act masculine and the woman not act feminine, when you establish eyes in the place of an eye and a hand in the place of a hand and a foot in the place of a foot and an image in the place of an image—then shall you enter the Sovereignty.”

T.P. Brown Translation | cf. Matthew 18:3; 23:25 + Luke 11:39

Practical Oneness & Meaning of Thomas 22

The Gospel of Thomas contains a set of ten spiritual consciousness exercises and prayerful meditations created for mankind by Christ. Thomas 22 is our second lesson in practical Oneness. When practiced daily, with constancy, we attain body – mind harmony with the Holy Spirit, or soul. For a time, above and below unite. Our beings join with the All—the Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. (John 1:3)body of Christ. In Oneness consciousness, the kingdom of heaven begins to reveal itself. The signs will manifest both inside and outside the body.

“Make the inside as the outside and the outside as the inside and the above as the below…”

This practical Oneness exercise instills a physical state that feels similar to a fish who suspends itself effortlessly in the water. When the fish matches its internal forces to those of the outer world, it neither rises nor sinks. The fish does not need to struggle, resist, or attempt to overcome its world because it has merged with it. Christ lived his earthly life in exactly this manner. So do little children.

“Establish the male with the female as a single unity so that the man will not act masculine and the woman not act feminine…”

Exchanging duality for Oneness is the meaning of Thomas 22. This passage is not a warning to flirtatious men and women, as several commentators suggest. Conceptually, that idea is twoness. Yet, it is also contextually incorrect. Becoming one with our inner spirit is the central 'When you bring forth that which is within yourselves, this that you have shall save you.' (Thomas 70)theme of the Gospel of Thomas. Only as a ‘single unity’ can one heal a fractured outer world. In the phrase, “establish the male with the female,” Yeshua advises each man and woman to bind the ego to the God created Adam from dust and Eve from Adam, but henceforth God would create humans ‘in Our image, after Our likeness’ ...neither of them without the Divine Spirit, 'Shechinah,' the indwelling nurturing presence of God, designated with a feminine noun. (Rabbi Simlai, 3rd Century)feminine spirit or soul. The aim is to manifest inside ourself the idyllic state of Eden’s first inhabitants. Attaining this condition is the subject at Thomas 22, and the culmination of practical Oneness.

Yeshua says: If two make peace with each other in this one house, they shall say to the mountain: Be moved!—and it shall be moved.
Thomas 48

“Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.
Matthew 18:19+17:20

“When you establish eyes in the place of an eye and a hand in the place of a hand and a foot in the place of a foot and an image in the place of an image—then shall you enter the Sovereignty.”

My not-so-subtle efforts to remind readers of the little children are fulfilled in the closing passage of Thomas 22. I sheepishly admit that two years elapsed before I realized Master’s cryptic instructions call for me to make myself in the image of the little child. The meaning of Thomas 22 is neither hidden nor cryptic; it is Yeshua’s first statement. As Master once said, the end is like the beginning.

One must not dig too deeply for meaning in Gospel of Thomas. Just read it regularly and wonder. In Yeshua’s practical Oneness program, Truth surfaces when the time is right—and is soon replaced with even deeper Truth. Thomas 22 has become my go-to ‘thought elixir.’ It is infinitely adaptable. Just about anything or anyone on earth or in heaven may be substituted. For example: “Christ is in me and I am in Christ.” Or, “My grouchy boss is in me and I am in him.” Wherever I am, in whatever context is practiced, Thomas 22 produces immediate healing of a negative situation.

Can practical Oneness heal death?

Resisting Oneness in the cause of death. For as long as mankind has existed, we’ve struggled to resist nearly everything in God’s creation. We judge, block and fight against things we don’t like. We force our will on others to get them to change their ways. When man learns how to change the weather, he will. We call this ‘good behavior,’ and teach it to our children. Christ’s practical Oneness lessons plainly show that everything and ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’ (Matthew 25:44)everyone is God. Still, we human beings continually block, flee from and fight the only Source of life.

Although I cannot personally attest to life without death as Christ does, I do believe in his words. I can absolutely affirm that Oneness enables a human being to experience the majesty of God’s countless realms in a living human body. It seems an almost impossible feat to sustain Oneness indefinitely. But Master did it, and he says we can, too. Where our treasure is, our hearts shall be also.

The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like the teacher.
Luke 6:40

Yeshua says: Whoever drinks from my mouth shall become like me. I myself shall become as he is, and the secrets shall be revealed to him.
Thomas 108

Practical Oneness: Recommended Reading
For the yogic meaning of Thomas 22, I highly recommend this amazing article, “How to Enter the Kingdom,” By Abbot George Burke.

— Andrew Michael

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