Meet my Perfect Mother, the Holy Spirit

My Perfect Mother, the Holy Spirit

Do you know that the Holy Spirit is a feminine being? She is God’s spirit, Father’s wife, and my perfect Mother. It’s good to know that heaven is not populated entirely by masculine energies. Be that as it may, long ago in ancient Rome the pronouns used in Hebrew and Greek texts to describe God—and other heavenly beings—abruptly changed. When the Church translated the Greek text to Latin, Mother turned into a “man.” Most of the angels did, too. Since then, for more than 1,600 years western Christians have honored two male Parents. The irony? This strange idea began in Holy Rome.

“This fundamental point, traditionally obscured in scriptural translation and largely ignored by commentators, clearly has the most far-reaching theological implications.”
T.P. Brown: The Maternal Spirit

God is my perfect Mother, Father, and Brother.

All Christians and Jews believe in the Holy Spirit. With one key difference. In the languages Jesus used, Hebrew and Aramaic, Rúach (spirit) and Rúach Hakodesh (spirit-the-holy) are feminine nouns. But Jesus does not suggest the Holy Spirit is a woman, for she has no physical body. Instead my perfect Mother, or “Ima” (Hebrew for “Great Mother”) is the nurturing, manifesting, feminine aspect of God.

Christianity grew out of Judaism, one of the world’s oldest father-mother belief systems. Even so, due to a decision made in Rome 400 years after Christ, western Christianity today remains a father-father-son religion.

Shouldn’t that read, father-mother-son?

Dating back more than 3,000 years, the image of God as Father and Mother is the cornerstone of the Judaeo-Christian belief system. The concept of a feminine Holy Spirit was vitally important to the ancient high priests. How do we know this? In the Bible, Mother appears first. At Genesis 1:2, where the Spirit of God hovers over the waters, the Orthodox Jewish Bible still uses the feminine: And the earth was tohu vavohu (without form, and void); and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Ruach Elohim was hovering upon the face of the waters.Rúach Elohim.

How did I lose my perfect Mother?

Before Christianity came to Rome, the term Rúach was replaced by the Greek noun Pneuma, which carries no gender. Then, in the first Latin Bible (Vulgate, c. 384 CE), the Roman Catholic Church replaced Pneuma with the masculine Spiritus. In short, major shifts in the gender of the Holy Spirit have made it next to impossible to locate my dear Mother in our western Christian Bibles.

Next, consider the vast number of Bible references to spirit and Holy Spirit in both Testaments. Rome must have expended vast resources to completely separate the feminine from God.

Question. How much theology was reworked in order to create an all-male Trinity? Wouldn’t it be so much easier, less confusing, and more respectful to create a feminine Latin pronoun to honor my perfect Mother? Sadly, in what seems to me its greatest hubris, the Church adopted Mother’s title.

Grammar alone does not heal the issue.

It would be completely wrong to state that the image of the Holy Spirit as a woman and mother is caused by the fact that the Hebrew, Aramaic and Syriac words for “spirit” are (nearly) always feminine. Nevertheless, the very first Christians, all of whom were Jews by birth, used to speak of the Holy Spirit as feminine. These Jewish Christians (or, perhaps better: Christian Jews) adhered to Genesis 1:27 where it is said that God created male and female after his image. If this text is received in truth, then something feminine is inherent to God. (Van Oort, J.)*

My Perfect Mother in the Bible

In the Old Testament we can find Mother in the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Here the Hebrew term for wisdom (and also the other six gifts) is attributed to our Mother, Rúach Hakodesh, at And the Ruach Hakodesh of Hashem shall rest upon Him, the Ruach of Chochmah (wisdom) and Binah (understanding), the Ruach of Etzah (Counsel) and Gevurah (might), the Ruach of Da’as (knowledge) and of the Yir’at Hashem (fear of God)...Isaiah 11:2-3.

One English reference to Mother exists at Luke 7. We catch a brief glimpse of her through the son’s eyes while Jesus proclaims wisdom—chochmah—as his, yours, and my perfect Mother.

“The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and you say, ‘Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.’ But wisdom is proved right by all her children.”

Luke 7:34-35

How well do you know your divine Family?

The most intimate personal relationships on earth exist within the typical human family. Indeed, brothers, sisters, and parents know one another inside and out. In the same way, acknowledging God as our true Family can enhance our relationship to heaven, creation, and how we fit in. When compared to the Bible I find that the raw, unedited words of the first Christians benefit me the most.

Meet your perfect Mother, the Holy Spirit.

A disciple [asked] the Lord for something worldly. Yeshua says to him, “Request of thy Mother and she will give to thee from what belongs to another.”
Philip 38

Yeshua says…For my mother bore my body, yet my True Mother gave me the life.
Thomas 101

In the days when we were Hebrews, we were left fatherless, having only our Mother (the Sacred Spirit). Yet when we became Christics (Messianics), Father came to be with Mother for us.

Philip 6

Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

Exodus 20:12

She alone is the truth. She makes the multitude, and concerning us she teaches this alone in a love through many.

Philip 12

I am so very sorry about the dreadful mix-up. I want to help. At the same time I know that it doesn’t offend you. You’ll make it right when the time is right. You are my perfect Mother. I love you, I trust you, and I believe in you. Yet still I pray for some nice brother or sister to fix the typo.
Forever child-of-yours, Andrew.

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* The Holy Spirit as Feminine: Early Christian Testimonies and Their Interpretation. HTS Theological Studies 72(1), a3225. Van Oort, J. (2016).
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11 thoughts on “My Perfect Mother, the Holy Spirit”

  1. In this ‘Matter’ we do nothing, only dead work! I.e., we make a chair, from a tree, that is dead!….from the dead, to the dead, to the dead! We can only handle matter, when it’s dead! But because of this ego, we think that we are the doer, but what can we do? We can’t even make a flower, we can’t even put scent, in a flower…..we can’t even make a stone! ALL ‘Living’ work is done by the Mother, the Holy Spirit, it is She that made this universe, it is She that made us into human beings, from amoeba and it is She that must make us into the higher human beings, the Spirit, which we are, but also which we must also, become! (Becoming IS the Point!) God the father is the ONLY enjoyer of the game, He’s the witness of the play. He’s Power, the Holy Ghost, He is just the witness aspect and He is reflected within our hearts, as the Spirit! The Spirit must come into our attention, our attention must become enlightened by the Spirit, then we become the witness, the witness of this ego and thru these conditionings (super ego) we become detached….being in the world, but not of it! Our attention becomes sustained by the Spirit! Then all our bad habits drop off, matter can’t dominate us, no more! The Holy Spirit is the one that was promised to come and She has come giving us the full knowledge. Blind faith has no place any more, blind faith only leads to fanaticism! Now is the time to get ALL that was promised, in ALL the Scriptures! Our Second birth, as an ‘Actualisation,’ and not a nonsensical ritual! Pls email me if you are a true ‘Seeker’ of truth, because we are ALL seeking something, but what we are truly seeking….is our Spirit! Because it’s the ONLY thing that can give us ‘Complete’ peace and satisfaction….because it’s the absolute!

    1. I admire your passion. it’s wonderful to hear from someone as emotional as I am when it comes to the beauty, grace and power of our true Mother, the Holy Spirit. Few western Christians realize (as Orthodox do), that the idea of the Holy Spirit as a masculine force did not come from the Jews, nor Jesus Christ. Master set us straight on many beliefs, but he did not change the belief that the Holy Spirit is our True Mother. This radical gender switch within the Trinity took place centuries after Christ, when the Aramaic texts fell into Greek and Roman hands.

      For interested readers, I offer my prayer for Mother:
      Prayer to Holy Spirit

    2. Great, I have the same understanding from the very beginning of my Christian journey. I don’t know how it happened? pure GRACE. I used to imagine when Father God made Himself into TWO, Father God and Mother God, before the TWO jointly made it to HOLY THREE. Am I over thinking?! Thanks for the great post.

  2. The Bible talks of the Holy Father, the Holy Spirit, and the only begotten Son of God whom existed before Jesus was born to Marry. If Jesus is in fact God, and I believe He is, then Jesus was our Creator who existed before creation. What is missing here? The Mother. What do they put in place of the Holy Mother? The Holy Spirit. No doubt the Mother is the Holy Spirit of God. As Genesis 1:27 States that man kind was made in the image of God, Male and Female God created them in God’s own likeness and image, it becomes obvious that the Female form of man came from our Holy Mother. Every man was created in the Father’s image and every woman was created in the Holy Mother’s image. When you wake up, born again, and see as the Spirit of God enables you to see, you see God the Mother in every woman, and God the Father in every man.

    1. Greetings, Mauricsha. Thank you for your excellent comments. I’d like to take time to discuss them here. It seems to me that you are technically correct on all points. Indeed, Mother appears in the very first paragraph of the Bible—even before God does: “The Spirit of God was hovering over the waters…” (Gen. 1:2). But that’s a tricky phrase. Did God’s spirit (Mother) precede him? A radical idea, but one worth thinking about.

      My information is that a consciousness formed within the lifeless void, sort of like the way life spontaneously emerged on earth. Your remarks, and also John 1:3, seem to agree with that idea: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.”

      This primordial consciousness that John describes—when we add the Holy Spirit’s early Bible appearance to the mix—contains all of the personalities of God that Westerners today know as the Trinity: Father, Mother, Son.

      With regard to your comment, however, I don’t see how Christ, the Word of God, could also fulfill the creator/father aspect of God. The sticking point here is the meaning of “Through him.” Jesus’s own words, when paired with the term “begotten” and the origin of the light at Genesis 1:3, better support the idea that Christ IS the creation. Thus “Let there be light” = “Let there be Christ.” For example, Jesus states “I am the vine,” and “I am the light of the world.” He also implies that he is everyone in it: “I was a stranger and you let me in.”

      You wrote, “Every man was created in the Father’s image and every woman was created in the Holy Mother’s image.”

      According to the scribes who wrote the Greek Old Testament in 300 BC, “God created man in His own image…male and female He created them” (Gen 1:27), means that God is both masculine and feminine, a father and a mother in one being. So just like God, each of us possess masculine and feminine qualities. Although the Church proclaims that the Divine Origin concerns sexual gender, this is certainly not the case. I think that teaching is harmful to our ascension because it distances God’s children from our Mother and Father. It is more in keeping with the ancient scribes to say that we are each of us physical and spiritual, each of us a living being and a heavenly being. If I could change your words a little I’d say that every human being is an image of Father, the Living Spirit, and Mother, the Holy Spirit.

  3. Praise God. I am deeply moved by this subject because I have had the honor of communicating with the Mother Holy Spirit over a period of 4 years now. In 2014 a messianic Jew introduced me to this truth. Since then the Holy Spirit had been helping me so strongly as a Mother. She has in this Her true Persona guided me out of pornography addiction and substance abuse. Now She is teaching me to love, in true love, all people – even how to be humble and spend money wisely. She is truly a mother, no doubt, and speaks in certain signals and dreams, and of course the Bible truths. Its all real. The ancient roots of our Christian faith, which comes from the Jewish faith, has the truth therein.

    1. Perminus, this is a truly beautiful expreience you have shared with us. Thank you for being so brave and posting it here!

  4. Excellent. I have been telling people about Mother for so long, minus some of your scriptures. You have a Father, a Son; and what is missing? Mother. You are correct Jesus is not the Father, why else would he say, None is good but the Father?

    I would also like to point out, “begotten” means Of Father and Mother only (not “only”). with this in mind, Adam, who had the spirit of Michael incarnate in the first body, was the first begotten son. I enjoyed your article and have more verses to share when I tell of Mother.

    P.S., I have no Scripture to back up Michael being Father and Mother’s First born Spirit Son, It was told to me by Mother. What I said about “begotten” is true: Adam being the first Man makes him begotten Of Father and Mother. When I asked Mother about Jesus, I was told, that he was begotten by Them, and it was Mother who placed the already fertilised egg inside Mary. She said, You didn’t think your Father did it did you?, I said Most the world did LOL! She knew my answer. it was just part of my enlightenment Q and A.
    Love Omnaka

    1. Thank you for your comments Omnaka. You seem to have some interesting information. If your (Mother’s) reference to “Michael” is in fact the archangel, I must say that is also an interesting idea.

      For you and any other readers who’ve have had a Mother experience (a situation in which you asked the Holy Spirit for help and received it), I’ve created a post called “Mother Stories.” Readers who wish to share their personal H.S. experiences here may do so here: Mother Stories.

  5. Commandment number 5 (Honour thy Father and thy Mother) has NOTHING to do with our earthly parents and EVERYTHING to do with our HEAVENLY SPIRITUAL PARENTS. Curious, do you speak with NEW Tongues as our Saviour, Yahusha Hamashiach speaks of in the Book of Mark? Thank you for this beautiful journaling. Baruch HaShem.

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