Meet my Perfect Mother, the Holy Spirit

My Perfect Mother

Did you know the Holy Spirit is a feminine being? She is God’s spirit, Father’s wife, and my perfect Mother. It’s helpful to know that heaven is not populated entirely by masculine energies. Long ago, in ancient Rome, the genders used in Hebrew and Aramaic texts to describe God and the beings of heaven were changed. When the Scriptures were translated to Greek, The Holy Spirit and many of the angels became neuter. When the Church translated the Greek text to Latin, Mother became a ‘man.’ Thus, for over 1,600 years western Christians have had two male Parents. The irony? This radical idea originated in Holy Rome.

Those tricky Semitic pronouns gotcha, eh Constantine? True, Latin may be a dead language. But this is a serious matter.  For 1,600 years, no one thought to fix the typo. To me this is unthinkable.

“This fundamental point, traditionally obscured in scriptural translation and largely ignored by commentators, clearly has the most far-reaching theological implications.”
T.P. Brown: The Maternal Spirit

God are a perfect Mother and Father.

All Christians and Jews believe in the Holy Spirit. There is one key difference. In the languages of Jesus, Hebrew and Aramaic, Rúach (spirit) and Rúach Hakodesh (spirit the-holy) are feminine nouns. But, Jesus does not suggest the Holy Spirit is a woman, for she has no physical body. Our perfect Mother, or ‘Great Mother’ (Ima) in Judaism, is the nurturing, manifesting, feminine aspect of God.

The context of God as Father and Mother dates back at least 3,000 years. It is the fundamental nature of Judaeo-Christian belief systems. In fact, Mother appears in the third sentence of the Bible. At Genesis 1:2, when the Spirit of God hovers over the “waters,” the Orthodox Jewish Bible uses the feminine And the earth was tohu vavohu (without form, and void); and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Ruach Elohim was hovering upon the face of the waters.Rúach Elohim. The Holy Spirit was so important to the ancient high priests that our perfect Mother was introduced first, before God utters the words, “let there be light.”

Christianity evolved from Judaism, one of the world’s oldest father-mother belief systems. And yet, due to a shortsighted decision in Rome over 400 years after Christ left us, Christianity became a father-father-son religion. Shouldn’t that read father-mother-son?

How did we lose our perfect Mother?

Before Rome adopted Christianity, the complete texts of the Bible were written in Greek. Rúach, the Hebrew term for feminine spirit, was replaced with Pneuma, which is neuter (neither male nor female). Around 380 CE, in the first Latin Bible the Roman Church translated Pneuma to masculine Spiritus. These gradual shifts in the gender of the Spirit of God have made it nearly impossible to locate Mother in today’s Christian Bible.

As a result, consider the vast number of references to ‘spirit’ and ‘holy spirit’ in both Testaments. Rome must have expended exhaustive resources to disassociate the feminine from God. How much theology was adjusted to establish an all-male Trinity? Bigger question: how much wasn’t? It would have been easier, more comprehensible, more respectful to create a feminine Latin pronoun to honor Christianity’s perfect Mother. Instead, in its great hubris, the Church brazenly appropriated Mother’s title for itself.

My Perfect Mother in the Bible

The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit show the importance of the divine feminine in biblical theology. Here, the Hebrew term for wisdom (and the other six gifts) is attributed to our Mother, Rúach Hakodesh, at And the Ruach Hakodesh of Hashem shall rest upon Him, the Ruach of Chochmah (wisdom) and Binah (understanding), the Ruach of Etzah (Counsel) and Gevurah (might), the Ruach of Da’as (knowledge) and of the Yir’at Hashem (fear of God)...Isaiah 11:2-3. Because Luke 7 also references “wisdom,” Luke’s gospel yields a brief glimpse of Mother through Christ’s eyes. Here, Jesus proclaims wisdom–chochmah–as his perfect Mother. And yours, and mine.

“The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and you say, ‘Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.’ But wisdom is proved right by all her children.”

Luke 7:34-35

How well do you know your divine Family?

The most intimate personal relationships on earth exist within the typical human family. Brothers and sisters and parents know each other inside and out. In the same way, acknowledging God as Family greatly improves the believer’s understanding of heaven, creation,  and how we fit in. Many believe that that a human being cannot know God. Is this because Rome changed the family model? From start to finish, the Bible terms mankind as children, sons and daughters of our Father in heaven. In Christ, we have a wiser, older brother. Should we not also have a proper Mother?

Mine is not the only voice on this subject–there are 300 million others. The Orthodox Church still honors their perfect Mother, the Holy Spirit. In fact, it was this very issue, known as the Filioque Controversy, which initiated the east-west splitting of the Faith in 1054 CE. To this day, the Roman Church continues to teach a 100% masculine image of God.

Unlike the Roman Bible, reading the early texts makes it easy for us to know who God is. What is clear is just how much the first Christians loved and revered their perfect Mother. Indeed, this divine image of a Father with a Mother will improve our own relationship to God.

Meet your perfect Mother, the Holy Spirit.

Yeshua says…For my mother bore my body, yet my True Mother gave me the life.
Thomas 101

In the days when we were Hebrews, we were left fatherless, having only our Mother (the Sacred Spirit). Yet when we became Christics (Messianics), Father came to be with Mother for us.

Philip 6

Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

Exodus 20:12

But when the Melitz Yosher (Praklit, Advocate, Counselor, Helper in Court) comes, whom I will send to you from HaAv (the Father), the Ruach Hakodesh (the Holy Spirit), the Ruach HaEmes, who proceeds from HaAv, that one will gives solemn edut (testimony) about me.

John 15:26  (Orthodox Jewish Bible)

She alone is the truth. She makes the multitude, and concerning us she teaches this alone in a love through many.

Philip 12

Mother. I am so very sorry about the dreadful mix-up. I want to help somehow. Yet, since I have come to know you better, I know you aren’t offended. You’ll make everything right when the time is right. You are my perfect Mother. I love you, I trust you and I believe in you. Now, I pray for some nice brother or sister to fix the typo.

What does Mother do?

Another benefit of knowing both of your Parents is to know whom to ask for what. If there is something you need that must come from, or through, other people—ask your perfect Mother, the Holy Spirit. Have patience. Do not badger or worry. Mother adjusts the events of the world to fulfill Father’s master plan. When it is time, her signal will be unmistakable.

Like me, my soul gets excited when Mother drops in. By the way, the Hebrew  word for ‘soul’ is nephesh, also a feminine noun. Why do we love Mother so much? Because she transforms all things into good things. She watches over every child and knows what each of us needs to be genuinely happy. Mother steers us away from trouble. Despite all of her patient efforts, we do as we please without looking both ways first. And so, trouble follows us everywhere.

My perfect Mother cleans up my mess and makes everything good again. Of course, I want to help her. But this is not so easy for me. I have to think first. Ask, pay attention, and wait for the WALK signal. Ugh. As above, so below.

—Andrew Michael

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2 thoughts on “My Perfect Mother”

  1. In this ‘Matter’ we do nothing, only dead work! I.e., we make a chair, from a tree, that is dead!….from the dead, to the dead, to the dead! We can only handle matter, when it’s dead! But because of this ego, we think that we are the doer, but what can we do? We can’t even make a flower, we can’t even put scent, in a flower…..we can’t even make a stone! ALL ‘Living’ work is done by the Mother, the Holy Spirit, it is She that made this universe, it is She that made us into human beings, from amoeba and it is She that must make us into the higher human beings, the Spirit, which we are, but also which we must also, become! (Becoming IS the Point!) God the father is the ONLY enjoyer of the game, He’s the witness of the play. He’s Power, the Holy Ghost, He is just the witness aspect and He is reflected within our hearts, as the Spirit! The Spirit must come into our attention, our attention must become enlightened by the Spirit, then we become the witness, the witness of this ego and thru these conditionings (super ego) we become detached….being in the world, but not of it! Our attention becomes sustained by the Spirit! Then all our bad habits drop off, matter can’t dominate us, no more! The Holy Spirit is the one that was promised to come and She has come giving us the full knowledge. Blind faith has no place any more, blind faith only leads to fanaticism! Now is the time to get ALL that was promised, in ALL the Scriptures! Our Second birth, as an ‘Actualisation,’ and not a nonsensical ritual! Pls email me if you are a true ‘Seeker’ of truth, because we are ALL seeking something, but what we are truly seeking….is our Spirit! Because it’s the ONLY thing that can give us ‘Complete’ peace and satisfaction….because it’s the absolute!

    1. I admire your passion. it’s wonderful to hear from someone as emotional as I am when it comes to the beauty, grace and power of Mother, the feminine Holy Spirit. Few western Christians realize (as Orthodox do), that the idea of the Holy Spirit as a masculine force did not come from the Jews, nor Jesus Christ. Master set us straight on many beliefs, but he did not change the belief that the Holy Spirit is our True Mother. This radical gender switch within the Trinity took place centuries after Christ, when the Aramaic texts fell into Greek and Roman hands.

      For interested readers, I offer my prayer for Mother:
      Prayer to Holy Spirit

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