My Perfect Father

I’ve always believed that my perfect father would be the most loving and logical being there is. Einstein knew this for a fact. In his complex equations, he glimpsed the creator’s handiwork. The perfection and love of God appeared to Einstein as the natural laws and forces that keep the planets safe in their orbits and enable the stars to create and nurture life.

Like Albert E, I did not recognize my perfect father in the world’s spiritual belief systems. In every faith I studied, the logic ultimately fell apart: my perfect loving father will harm me if I’ve been bad. Even worse, a second, evil god will attack me for no apparent reason. If the goal is to present a single, unconditionally loving creator, this reasoning doesn’t. My entire being rejected it.

My Perfect Father in the Eyes of the Perfect Son

Christ presents an image of God that is beautiful and very difficult to comprehend. He speaks of a life without death and reveals the ‘evil god’ to be a lie. He also explains that Father will never harm me, but sometimes I harm myself. In the end, Christ flawlessly asserts the truth: God is beautiful, and very difficult to comprehend.

Yeshua says: “I shall give to you what eye has not seen and what ear has not heard and what hand has not touched and what has not arisen in the mind of mankind.”
Thomas 17  cf. Isaiah 64:4

The Gospel of Thomas, the brilliant, lovingly translated and annotated text by Dr. Paterson Brown, helped me find my perfect Father. In his enigmatic sayings, Yeshua (Jesus’s Aramaic name) helped me better grasp his Bible teachings and the hidden wisdom he contained within his parables. Yeshua teaches that my father exists inside and outside me. The next level of truth emerges: God is beautiful, and very difficult to comprehend. But all is good. Us children often have a hard time accepting that idea.

Father. How. Why.

You are afraid of who you are.

Oh. And I thought we were afraid of you. Strange.

Not strange. The unknown is known as darkness. Most of my children are still afraid of the dark. This darkness lives inside those who turn away from me.

Father, I need little more help.

As long as they prevent themselves from knowing who they are, I don’t exist. You ask them to do that which changes everything. Add those two quotes you were considering before you called on me. Those that you didn’t feel are appropriate because they are “too negative.”

Yeshua says: “I stood in the midst of the world, and incarnate I was manifest to them. I found them all drunk, I found no one among them athirst in his heart. And my soul was grieved for the sons of men, for they are blind in their minds and do not see that empty they have come into the world and that empty they are destined to come forth from the world…when they shake off their wine, then shall they change their minds.”
Thomas 28

The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world. He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him. He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him. Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God–children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.
John 1:9-13


But Father, you made us, and you’re perfect. That means we’re perfect, too. Why do we turn away from you?

You just explained why.

I’m confused, but I want to glorify you Father. Like Yeshua did. I’ve wanted to for so long but I knew I had to wait until I was ready. In this moment, I am ready.

Then speak, my son.

What is your perfect father like?

As a child, whether you believed you had the best father in the entire world or the worst, or even if you never even knew your Dad, the image of your perfect father was forming in your heart. This image is with you now. Meet God! Infinitely loving and never angry, as a perfect father should be. And, he is all yours, all of the time.

You can talk to him any time you like for as long as you like. If you believe your perfect father will answer you, he will answer you. His answers come really fast, often before you finish your question. Like any skill, this requires practice. And total honesty, because your father knows you inside and out. When you feel a guilty thought floating up, do not try to hide it from him. Talk to him about it, because he already knows about it. The only true freedom means to have no secrets before God.

Yeshua says: “…everything is revealed before the face of the sky. For there is nothing concealed that shall not be manifest, and there is nothing covered that shall remain without being exposed.”
Thomas 6

My perfect father has an endless amount of time to spend with me. He is never too busy, too tired, overworked, or anything other than fully present and supportive at all times. Regardless of how many trillions of brothers and sisters I have, with him I feel like an only child. Alone with him there is no other place, no other time, no other children. During those times only my father and me exist. And my troubles and questions, all of which are of great interest to Dad.

My father achieves 100% perfection in everything. He has an infinite amount of time available for any task. I can never share too much, badger too much, annoy him with endless prattle or greedy, selfish desires. He never becomes irritated listening to what his child has to say. But I can become irritated with myself.

Do you believe your perfect father would ever harm you? Would he still be perfect if he did? We are very effective at harming ourselves, sometimes with brutal effectiveness. If we believe we’ve been really and truly ‘bad,’ that there is no pardon for the awful things we did, we might even punish ourselves forever. It has been said that there is no forgiveness comes to those who will not forgive their soul:

Yeshua says: “…whoever vilifies the Sacred Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him–neither on earth nor in heaven.”
Thomas 44  cf. Mark 3:28–30

What would your perfect Father do in the event you could not forgive yourself for something? Do you believe he intends for you to sulk in sadness, loneliness, darkness? Or does he keep trying to reach you, encourage you to come home because no matter what you are always and forever his perfect child?

I believe that a perfect father honors his children’s decisions. He has blessed us with a small share of his mind, will, and heart, and these gifts are ours to do with as we wish. Though it might require a very long time, a perfect father will wait for his children to come home, however far we may wander.

May your perfect father bless you and keep you, ever and always, his perfect son or daughter.

–Andrew Michael

2 thoughts on “My Perfect Father”

  1. The sheep and goats is not about judgement day? The unforgivable sin is forgivable?? Where is that written in the Bible, thx.

    1. Hi Bob, thanks for writing. These are big questions 😮

      Matthew’s Sheep and Goats is set on earth, not in heaven. The first passage would make the context clear to a Jewish person of Christ’s day:

      “All the nations will be gathered before him (the Son of Man), and he will separate the people (‘them’ in Hebrew) one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.”

      1. “Nations” (plural) cannot exist in heaven–they are dualistic constructs of mankind. There is one nation–everyone belongs to God. For a Jew, “the nations” refers specifically to groups of non-Jewish people who are not yet Hebrew (Gentiles). Sheep and goats are images Christ used to depict the usefulness of humanity’s various truths and belief systems.

      2. ‘Son of Man’ (Heb: Adam or Ben HaAdam) translates to ‘human being,’ ‘Human One,’ or ‘Anointed One.’ The Apostles were anointed at Pentecost. They received the Holy Spirit. Kings are ceremoniously anointed by religious leaders. Thus, in the context of Christ’s day, the Son of Man/the King is any human being who genuinely seeks the kingdom of heaven. A disciple of Christ.

      Sheep and Goats concerns the import of self judgment while we are alive. The seeker sorts his beliefs as useful/not useful for the journey to the kingdom. This dovetails with your next question:

      The Unforgivable Sin is described as blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, i.e., hatred of the Soul. All sin is forgiven by God in the power of the Resurrection. But one who cannot forgive him or herself technically creates unforgivable sin. That is my read at least, if we accept the concept of Free Will.

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