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My Journey to Mother

My journey to Mother began one spring afternoon when I asked my soul if we could travel. Could she could take me somewhere? Daylight filled the room as I lay on the bed, eyes shut. It was unusually dark behind my eyelids. Black, in fact. And it got even blacker. I wasn’t scared, but excited. I’d witnessed this phenomenon several times prior to this particular afternoon, while in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

A sudden, subtle lurch. We were moving.

 Of course I had no idea what to expect—or where we might be headed. Souls are rather tight-lipped. Mine navigated us through the blackness in silence, carefully steering around and between softly luminous clouds of bluish-silver light. I was anxious to know where we were going, but said nothing.

“You think too many questions,” my soul chided. “Relax.” She carefully skirted around the wispy edge of a large cloud. A discernible cool mist caressed my right cheek. “I am taking you to meet someone special,” she said at last, “on a journey to Mother.”

Her Mother? Wait a minute, did she mean—

“Yes, my love. It’s time. Look there, to your right.”

So I looked. Through a wide opening in the clouds, I caught a glimmer of purple within the blackness of…wherever this was. It grew larger as we drifted toward it. It was a huge, luminous purple cloud! My soul stopped us just beneath the magnificent spectacle.

The cloud had definite structure, like a vast wheel. Misty cloud spokes connected the thick outer ring to a purple hub cloud in the center. The entire formation was fluid, organic, alive with sparkling energies of dazzling lavender, pink and blue. From my position lying on my back, eyes closed, the purple cloud filled my mind.

And she possessed my entire Self.

This is the Holy Spirit. The manifest truth of that singular moment overwhelmed me with emotional and physical awe. Tears of joy and gladness leaked around tightly closed eyelids. I felt indescribably loved. Hers was a powerful, ancient love, a love so old I did not remember forgetting it. And I was filled with love for her…

…My Mother. Instantly, a torrent of glorious sparkling energy coursed through my body.

Hello child-of-mine

Just after Mother’s thought greeting, my left ear toned sharply, piercing the silence of this sacred moment.

“She wants you to wiggle your fingers and toes for her,” my soul giggled. As I’ve noted before, my soul giggles sometimes.

But I was entranced. Without thinking, I fervently wiggled my fingers and toes beneath the blankets. A rather curious form of greeting, I thought. Since this was my first journey to Mother, I happily obliged.

“She’s never had a body—she doesn’t live like you live. Don’t feel odd, Mother asks everyone to do it. She can feel the life in you because she gave it to you.”

Everyone? How many others had my beloved soul introduced to her Mother?

She did not address that thought. It was of no matter. I was more content than I’d ever been. At the same time, more questions were forming in my mind, or what remained of it. Again I wondered, who has made a journey to the Holy Spirit in this fashion? I had never heard of such a thing.

Neither as few nor as many as you think, child-of-mine. Living-childs do come to me in this way, with the Companion, for the same reason you knew as an infant

To become one flesh?

To-be-made-again One-Flesh

And the others? The rest of us?

Every-child visits me again, in their way. Most do not go back

Then, my journey to Mother was over. Slowly, we began to move backwards, the same direction from which we had come. I thought to her: you are the-most-beautiful. I love you.

But Mother did not return my goodbye. Instead, another wave of sparkles coursed through me. In silence, I watched the blue-purple cloud diminish in size until finally, it disappeared from view. I didn’t need to say goodbye to her. Ever.

From that moment until this one, whenever I think of my perfect Mother, pray or talk to her (over a dozen times each day) I wiggle my fingers and toes.

—Andrew Michael

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