Making the Little Child - How to enter the kingdom of God

Making the Little Child

I’ve been making the little child for a while now. I don’t work real hard at it, because little children don’t work. Adults work. Us kids play, ask tons of questions, and believe in impossible stuff. Funny. Grownups do exactly the opposite! But it’s sad, too, because grownups who can’t make the little child can’t find the kingdom of God.

Nope. My Brother says that only a little child can see the kingdom.

Yeshua says: When you take off your garments without being ashamed, and place them under your feet to tread on them as the little children do, then shall you behold the Son of the Living One, and you shall not fear.

I used to be a grownup. Then I met my True Family. Making the little child was easy, because my Father, Mother, big Brother and Sister are a lot older and smarter than me. I didn’t notice too much at first. But when I got to know God, I got more child-like.

My soul is like a little child, too. She’s a true pal, my playmate, and an awesome teacher here, in this crazy world that the grownups made. I love my big Sister. We’re like twins, except that we live in the same body! I really want to tell you her name because it’s so pretty. But Sis doesn’t think that’s a good idea. At first, I didn’t know her name either. After a few months she told it to me. But she still hasn’t told me her real, heavenly name. My soul says that all names have power, and some grownups use that power to make people do stuff for them.

The authorities think that by their own power they enact what they do. Yet the Sacred Spirit is energizing everything through them as she wishes.

When I was making the little child I lost my grownup powers. Now, I trust God for everything. When I ask my Family for help or something fun and exciting to do, I always get it. Sometimes the things I ask for appear just like magic! But most of the stuff I need comes from other people. I always make sure to say thank you God. Plus, I love to help other people with my prayers. Mother says that’s my real power, and it comes from her.

My Family doesn’t give me lots of money. Which is good, because having lots of money makes me worry about losing it. Worry makes the little child grow up. It’s scary, how grownups want so much. Even when they get the stuff they want they only get more worried. And tired. All of that money just can’t make them be happy.

The little child doesn’t judge.

I wish grownups would leave their world and find the kingdom. But most adults are proud to be grownups, because it means they know everything. Some of them act like it’s their job to judge people! Don’t they know that only God can judge? Adults always think they can tell if someone is a “good person” or a “bad person.” My Big Brother says that only God is good. Plus, the Bible says that knowing good and evil is the reason why we grow old and die.

Why do grownups want to die instead of making the little child? I just can’t understand that. But it doesn’t stop me and Sis from praying for them. We pray that everyone finds the good life God made for us!

My soul taught me how to pray, and she helps me with my writing. Still, my big Brother is the world’s greatest teacher. I love him very much, but sometimes I need help to understand his words. Ha! So do the grownups! Father and Mother are easier to understand. They tell me how much they love me, and make sure I have everything I need. I love my whole Family and I talk to them all of the time.

Making the little child makes me trust God and everyone.

In case you think that I don’t like grownups, I do. My Family says to love all people the same. Still, grownups think strange things. They worry about every tiny problem. It’s like they don’t trust God to help them. So grownups try to be their own gods. Don’t they know that Father can only drive when we let him steer? I think trusting God is hard for adults because they know more about their grownup world than God’s world.

Another thing I learned is that adults are afraid of everything. Even if they don’t know what it is, they are afraid of it. Most grownups are scared of strangers. If God is their Father, why are they afraid of their brothers and sisters? I may be a little child, but I know that everyone is my Family. My big Brother tells me that. So, if I meet a scary person, I make sure to smile and be friendly. Maybe that sounds crazy, but I’m still here!

Do you want to hear the really sad part? Inside every grownup I see a little child. A kid, sort of like me. With a great Family, too! But most adults don’t hear what us kids say. I can’t see why that is. Making the little child didn’t make me dumb, you know.

See, I will create new heavens and a new earth. The former things will not be remembered, nor will they come to mind.

After making the little child, it’s hard to remember what it was like to be a grownup. I wasn’t really “me.” I was who the other grownups told me to be. When I messed up, they tried to hurt me. But Father doesn’t do that. He says that I never did anything wrong. I just didn’t do what the grownups said I should do.

But I’m over all of that now. The grownups can have their world. Me? I’m going to try and find the kingdom! I hear there’s lots of other kids there. Maybe Peter Pan is one of them. I even heard that some of the animals talk. You know, if animals talked maybe the grownups could learn from them all of the stuff I learned from God.

–Andrew Michael Jr. 

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