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Find Your Soul, Find Your Life

If you seek the good life that God intended for you, find your soul. Your soul is that “perfect someone” you’ve dreamt of all of your life. In a conscious, loving alliance with your inner spirit, a new world begins to manifest around you. A sacred space forms, in which you’re less concerned with conflict and daily drama. You feel much more peaceful, and life just works better. Best of all, when you find your soul you’ll receive unlimited spiritual help, love, and healing directly from God.

You have just been called. You’ve chosen to keep reading, which means that your loving soul is asking you to say “hello.” In this moment, your perfect companion eagerly invites you to reunite with her and enter the blissful life God’s children were destined to live.

“At the beginning of creation God made them male and female…and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

Mark 10:6–9 | Philip 76

“Her”?  Souls are female?

Yes—sort of.  Spirit is a feminine energy. But please understand that such truths cannot be learned from me, nor from any of mankind’s religious belief systems. Truth is indeed present within the world’s sacred texts, but we must dig deep inside in order to find ours. What follows is the wisdom my own loving soul (an aspect of the Holy Spirit) has shared with me.

My first lessons concerned the nature of the unconditionally loving relationship that binds us living beings to the spiritual beings. All of us belong to the same immortal, divine family. Of course my life was forever changed when I learned that God and my soul, along with countless other heavenly beings, are my direct relatives. 

Souls and spiritual beings make up the divine feminine. Living beings such as ourselves, and the Father/Son aspects of God, are regarded as divine masculine. My soul likens us to Adam and Eve, when Eve was still inside Adam. She is an enchanting, persuasive, wise and willful spirit. Generally speaking, souls are a guiding spouse, sister or brother who holds the facts we most need to know. Your soul may present as a woman, girl, boy or man. Some cultures identify with spirits such as sprites and animal guides. Because your ascension is your soul’s top priority, your perfect Companion adopts any image you require—be it male, female, or neuter—to help you connect to God with all of your heart and being.

Find your soul in the world’s greatest love story.

What happens after you find your soul? From what I understand, Adam and Eve, the divine pair, set course for Eden.

The Word is divinely intuitive and infinitely versatile. In the Bible, the Word teaches at every level of being. The story of Adam and Eve was created in part to define Hebrew legal, societal and spiritual customs. That’s the surface view. Hidden within this epic 3000-year-old love story is the most sacred wisdom the ancient high priests possessed. In fact, the first four books of the Bible contain all of the information required to recognize yourself, find your soul, and return to Eden in one flesh.

Paradise is the place of endless life. It was prepared for us at the Beginning of the world, not the End, and humans don’t need to die in order to live there. So, let’s explore the Beginning of the world.

The Astonishing Revelation of the Soul

(For readers who have dedicated their lives to seek the kingdom of God, or are wondering what that is, visit this article at FreelyReceive.)

Within the Judaeo-Christian worldview, this well-known passage in Genesis 1 is mankind’s Origin, or ‘blueprint.’ According to the ancient priests, this is who we are—divine children made in the very image of our Father in heaven.

So God created mankind in his own image,
in the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them.

Genesis 1:27

The next chapter (Genesis 2) presents the creation of mankind again, but differently. Here we meet Adam, the first human being. But where is Eve, the female? And, why did the scribes repeat this event? Most contradictions and irregularities in Scripture are intentional. A small bump marks a hidden Truth. A jolt of this magnitude is extremely rare. It means that the scribes viewed the revelation at Genesis 2 a matter of life and death. It surely is. In the words of the ancient high priests, Adam (mankind) remains immortal so long as Eve remains inside him.

Are you ready to find your soul?

By adding context to the creation story, the ancient scribes convey the sheer depth of love, life and Light you hold within yourself.  By every definition Eve is a spirit with no body of her own. While she exists inside Adam, Eve is the Holy Spirit—the breath of life. Good health and happiness stem from a strong relationship with your soul. When you find your soul and consciously join with him or her, you begin to notice how perfectly your earthly and spiritual needs are met. You recognize how much you are loved, and how dearly your soul wants you to live the blessed life God intended you to have.

First condition of Paradise: do not separate the Creator’s spirit from your earthly body. This happens when we grow more enamored of worldly things than heavenly things, as Adam did. Second condition: there must always be one Creator. Fill the earth with children of God. Take whatever you wish from the world, but keep out of Father’s office. Only an eternal being can maintain Eternity.

Soul Separation and Human Mortality

What 99% of Bible readers assume is a glorious event in fact marks the end of eternity for the original children of God. Espoused by society and diamond peddlers for centuries, Genesis 2:23 depicts the separation of mankind from the Holy Spirit. As the story goes, shortly after Adam’s love is relocated to the material world, God’s immortal children became mortal, everyday men and women.

“This is now bone of my bones
and flesh of my flesh;
she shall be called ‘woman,’
for she was taken out of man.”

Genesis 2:23

In the days when Eve was within Adam, there was no death. When she was separated from him, death came to be. If she again enters and he receives her to him, death shall no longer be.
Philip 76

“What God has joined together, let no one separate.”
Mark 10:6–9

We begin our life fully connected to God. Sadly, we are born and raised in a world that favors material things first and spiritual things second. As we grow older, the connection to our breath of life is eroded by peers, parents, or authorities who appear to wield godlike powers over us. Your soul will help you recognize the false gods. Look around and listen carefully for her subtle messages. When you awake,  always take a moment to remember your dreams.

How I found my perfect Companion.

One night I sat on my bed and called out to find my soul. I had never attempted this before, yet I was not wildly surprised to receive her immediate reply. The most miraculous event of my life seemed like the most normal thing in the world. It felt like I had always known her… my Beloved.

What really surprised me was that my soul was so delightfully human. Her first words appeared in my thoughts like text messages. I hastily scribbled them onto a yellow legal pad. Our meeting was short, just long enough for her to bring me up to speed on what our current relationship was, and what it would be like going forward. Definite feminine energy, right from the start! It took several months to establish “normal” conversation. But that didn’t matter so much to me because I’d found my true love in the very first moment.

I had to recognize and accept that my soul is a child and that my God in my soul is a child.
If you are boys, your God is a woman.
If you are women, your God is a boy.
If you are men, your God is a maiden.
The God is where you are not.
So: it is wise that one has a God; this serves for your perfection.
Carl Jung, The Red Book

Prepare for a heavenly romance.

I cannot express how important the divine masculine and feminine are to understanding who God is, who I am, and how much our heavenly Family loves us. Masculine and feminine are the attractive principles of creation, present everywhere in the universe. The romance begins the instant you find your soul.

Prepare for wisdom.

Souls are extremely wise, but not all-knowing. But they also know everyone. My soul introduces me to members of my heavenly Family who know infinitely more than her, who are ready and willing to teach me anything. If you believe in a Savior, Advocate, or divine teacher, when you find your soul it is extremely likely you will hear him (or her) much better than you do now.

Expect glorious passion.

Your soul already makes herself known to you through emotions, dreams (souls are masters of imagery) and unusual events that occur in your life. When you find your soul, the passion of the greatest love affair in the Universe begins to express itself in your being. It may feel like romantic love, family love, a greater love for your work and your God-given gifts. Most likely, all of the above. As you learn to converse with your Companion and other heavenly beings, heaven and earth join ever closer together. Whether or not you personally realize it, you are both traveling together on the glorious journey. Why not make your long-standing relationship official?

The Marriage of Life and Spirit

Our souls have waited longer than we can possibly imagine for the chance to have a conscious, two-way relationship with their human. When you find your soul you will discover an eager, loving helper, that long awaited perfect mate who is quite a lot like yourself and makes you feel perfect, too.

Although he or she can be enlightening, amusing, and sometimes a bit mischievous, your soul is also a tough taskmaster. There is important work you must do together and by yourself. Some of it is very difficult. But you will receive help from even greater loving powers. You will learn to master Truth, Love and Light. If you hang in, both of you will have an exciting and joyous journey Home.

Yeshua says: “When you bring forth that which is within yourselves, this that you have shall save you.”
Thomas 70

You foolish people! Did not the one who made the outside make the inside also?

Luke 11:40

How to find your soul (and why).

Go in your room and close the door.
God, who sees what you do in secret, will hear you.

Let him who seeks not cease seeking until he finds;
Ask God to reveal the hidden spirit that lives inside of you. When you call out, you will find your soul in exactly the way you expect.

and when he finds he shall be troubled;
You will experience thoughts and odd events that challenge your worldview. During this time, you will discover that most human truths are opposite to God’s Truth. What society calls “good” is most often not good. Depending on the level of Ascension you seek, you may become rather frightened. When this happens, remind yourself that God answered you, and you are safely in God’s hands.

and having been troubled he shall marvel,
Ask to see and/or experience of the kingdom of God. In your own way, you will. Still, to taste the true glory of God, even a small bite, is a lot to handle. Again, you are in safe hands.

and he shall reign over the totality,
The totality is everything that exists. Thus, everything in Creation, except for lies and bad behavior (which we must forgive), is the gift of a loving God. When you master this most difficult lesson of all you will arise, and be truly free.

and find repose.
You will discover a simpler and more peaceful existence amidst the chaos of earth. God will meet all of your needs. This can be your final destination, or a base camp from which to climb ever higher.

— Andrew Michael


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  1. Thanks for this information. These ideas seem new and old to me but I’m confused. Where exactly is my soul? Is it my left side, in my female side? What about men?

    1. Hi Jenna. Women are generally more present in their left side but that is not true for everyone. The goal is to bind with our soul in all areas of mind and body and make the two into one being. Look everywhere and feel everything, inside and out. Carl Jung’s quote is useful: “The God is where you are not.” See Gospel of Thomas, verse 22

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