Accept God's Name and learn why it's so powerful.

Accept God’s Name

Whether or not we accept God’s Name, all of us share it. So why does it feel so awkward to say “My Father” in public?

“Every Being In The Universe” – KPAX, 2001

What does it mean to accept God’s Name? Many faiths tell us the Name is ours by birthright. Why, then, does it seem odd to assert direct lineage to God, and much more proper to take a human father’s name?

“Because you offend those who don’t believe what you believe,” the human world explains. I see. So it’s better to cast aside our heavenly Father? By itself, belief in a creator is not religion. What’s more, most of us freely use the phrase, “child of God.” But imagine telling someone in the grocery store what your Father in heaven said to you last night. See the problem? Maybe, when we accept God’s Name as a normal everyday thing for ourselves, others might also. Someone asked us to do this a while back. And he didn’t seem particularly concerned about offending anyone.

“…and do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and he is in heaven.”
Matthew 23:9

Accept God’s Name and see what happens.

Wonderful, miraculous things occurred when I chose to accept my true nature as the son of my heavenly Father. My world gradually changed. It lost its power to worry and frighten. In its place, God’s world began to lovingly teach me. Not how to be successful and make lots of money, but how to be happy, content, and peaceful. Even when this world gave me little reason to feel that way, when I accepted God’s Name I learned the reason: I am my Father’s Son. No matter what happened, I was in Good Hands.

For those who follow the teachings of the human world, very little occurs that seems joyous or miraculous. For those who seek God’s world, taking your rightful place in his Family is an essential first step. Of course, you cannot be a good son or daughter unless you talk to your dad regularly. The more you talk to him, the more your Father will answer you. Teach you. Whisper things you’ve never thought of. You might also hear that everything you think you know is false.

My parents, teachers, my church… taught me wrongly?

Terribly wrongly. Instead of unity, human beings teach separateness. You were taught to judge others. God, too. Like me, you were told to divide your world, to separate everyone and everything according to how they please or disturb you. Simply put, you were taught to judge good from evil all by yourself. Some things in creation are God’s, and some things are not. Your adult responsibility is to know which is which. At the same time, if you are like the majority of people in this world, you believe in one God. One creator. Big problem. Logically, there must be another god somewhere. A really nasty god. Since we have just one creator, Father, whom we are told is pure love, must have created it. And/or, our loving, all-powerful God can’t stop the nasty one. The western world’s deepest spiritual truths are opposed. And our leaders don’t see a problem.

One thing is certain: we need serious help. Dozens of centuries have passed. Cars can drive themselves, but we’re still living in darkness.

“Don’t let anyone call you ‘Teacher,’ for you have only one teacher…and all of you are equal as brothers and sisters.”
Matthew 23:8,10

Accept God’s Name and live without judgment.

I could not resolve the conflict by myself. However, when I accepted God’s Name and rejoined my family, Truth was given in the way that was precisely right for me. With my Father in charge of what’s good and what isn’t, I feel safe. It’s a little scary at first, but living without judgement brings true freedom. Now, Father handles all of that for me. I just focus on my gifts. This is the life God wants us to live.

Repose and comfort exist in the Name. Daily life takes care of itself. Your innate talents, your gifts from Father, consume more of your attention. For those who follow Christ’s teachings, accepting God’s Name is key to discipleship. But you don’t have to be religious to have a heavenly Father. Your Family has everything figured out, so honor your Father and Mother and claim your place in Paradise.

Christian Principles

It is widely held that the Son of God, whom Christians call “divine,” presents to the world the image and Name of the Father. In case you wonder what that means, it’s quite simple. Christ is born in the image of God. At the same time, Jesus is a human being. In naming us as his brothers and sisters, the eldest Son restores our paternal name, lost somewhere along the road from Eden.

The Revelation Your Church Won’t Teach You.

Christ states that each of us is a direct son or daughter of God. In the Gospels, notice that Jesus honors no human father and mother. He only addresses Mary as “woman,” and never once mentions Joseph. Does Jesus break the Fifth Commandment? Not at all. He condemns humanity’s obsessive love of itself and reveals that this well-known passage is directed at our true Father and Mother, God.

Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.
Exodus 20:12

Whoever does not love his Father and his Mother in my way, shall not be able to become a Disciple to me. For my mother bore my body, yet my True Mother gave me the life.

Thomas 101 | Luke 14:26

This was God’s child from the start. Made by a perfect being, just like you were. Intended to live a divine life, just like you were.

When to use God’s Name?

It can be awkward to use “my Father” in conversation. Often, I just say “Father.” Either way, if you own it in the same manner as you do your human dad, most will accept it. You might even inspire people to do it themselves. But some quietly panic when they realize Who it is you mean. Never use the Name to impress or convince. When you accept God’s Name and take it seriously, you’ll know when and how to use it.

—Andrew Michael


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  1. Bravo! I never gave much thought to god’s name, thought it was a secret code or something. Your idea is simple and it feels right.

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