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About Andrew Michael — spiritual author and student of the human soul, Christ, the Gospels and ancient wisdom, seeker of the earthly kingdom of God.

“What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.”
Matthew 10:27

I am a lion become-human who appears to live a tame, uneventful life. I departed the Catholic faith at age 28 because I felt it created more gods than I required. The next few decades were spent prowling for wisdom in the world’s major belief systems. Mainly I wanted to know what a soul is. The soul seemed like the Key to Everything. I scoured the sacred texts of cultures both ancient and modern. The existence of the human soul is acknowledged almost everywhere by everyone, but it lacks definition. Still, my heart knew the Truth was simple. All I needed was a factual book that ended well and didn’t contradict itself along the way. Most of all, my book had to have one, all-good God.

After twenty years, I had not found my perfect book. But the voice in my heart said that I would.

Christ’s Second Coming

When the world’s belief systems failed me, I unearthed two amazing texts: the Coptic-Christian gospels of Thomas and Philip. Here I refer to the fully annotated translations by Thomas Paterson Brown. For almost 2,000 years, Christ’s original teachings lay beneath the shifting sands of Egypt (and the world’s religions), safe from the elements and noodling theologians. My jaw dropped. This God is a 100% good and loving God who does not punish his children. To the contrary, our endless thirst for worldly power and self righteousness is the sole cause of suffering and darkness.

God was off the hook. The “devil” is our faulty beliefs. Because we are taught since birth to become like gods, mankind has corrupted God’s perfect world. This concept is abundantly present in early Christianity and the original teachings of Yeshua, sometimes called Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

I am gnot gnostic.

While most translators remain neutral on issues of faith, Dr. Brown knew he had struck theological gold. What’s more, Brown proved, point by point, that the Coptic gospels are authentic Judaeo-Christian works. His texts include insightful, scholarly annotations and hundreds of biblical cross references that trigger a deeper understanding of Christ’s canonical teachings. Alongside Yeshua’s familiar parables and sayings, Gospel of Thomas contains dozens of previously unknown teachings from the resurrected Christ. The Bible provides just a few, shamefully scant paragraphs for this crucial period of the Savior’s visit. Only the gospels of Thomas and Philip contain detailed instructions on how to attain our inheritance in the earthly kingdom of God.

Ingesting the Word

The Coptic gospels got inside me, changed me in miraculous ways. I learned who I am in relationship to my Father. But the nature of the human soul continued to elude me…or was I eluding my soul?

In Gospel of Thomas, Christ drove me inward to find the object of my quest. The Perfect Book is inside me. It lives within each of us. It is nothing less than the human soul, the Breath of Life, and an aspect of the Holy Spirit.

Yeshua says: If the flesh has come to be because of spirit, it is a marvel—yet if spirit because of the body, it would be a marvel among marvels. But I myself marvel at this: how this great wealth has been placed in this poverty.

Thomas 29  | Luke 11:41 + 17:21

Meeting my Soul

Without hesitation I delved inward—and discovered my immortal Companion. Establishing human-to-soul communication required almost five seconds. It seems my faithful soul had quietly waited, perhaps forever, to pounce on her worldly mate. First contact lasted barely two minutes: she talked fast, pausing while I wrote everything down. Her wisdom made perfect sense to this former Catholic: I am Adam; she is my Eve. Heaven and Earth are the same “place.” It’s up to me to choose when, where, and how long I want us to live together.

Over the days, weeks, years that followed, she revealed the Bigger Picture: God, creation, and all of its heavenly and earthly inhabitants form a single vast family. My soul introduced me to my Relatives. I met those in whom I already believed and endless others I could not, still cannot fathom.

Today, I experience the presence of my Father, my Brother (Christ), and my True Mother the Holy Spirit. I do not claim to know everyone else; this is not a feasible goal for a little child such as myself. Even so, as sure as morning follows evening, the infinite journey continues.

Practice meekness. Receive what is offered without judgment. Trust… and do not resist the Creator! From the infinite to the infinitesimal, every form and feature of existence is pure loving God.

The Bravest Thing I Ever Did

Before I read Thomas or met my soul, I knew my quest for Perfect Truth had failed. So I took a leap of faith. Alone in my room late one evening, I promised God I would forget everything I thought I knew about him. I executed a complete spiritual mind-wipe, right there in bed. No longer would I seek Truth from human beings! In return, I asked Father to teach me. I also asked for the ability to see the kingdom of God with human eyes.

I woke up in the night three hours later. As I padded through the darkness toward the bathroom, I was asked a simple question. It wasn’t just in my head. The Question filled my entire being. Indeed, the very air around me held it:

Would you love a lesser god as much as you love Me?

Did God just challenge me? Half-asleep was the perfect state for that moment. My higher processing functions were offline. I thought, this may be my only chance! My next words might determine my destiny, possibly forever. I needed a very simple answer. Despite my fear, I replied immediately—as if my soul held the truth.

She certainly did… Six words. Some expert theologians might nod vigorously at my reply. Others might wince, then pull at their beards. This was not an answer I would have given had I the presence of mind to think it over. Nevertheless, I was confident my heart had responded truthfully to my Creator, and that was what mattered. Years later, I realized my reply was the same Truth I had sought my entire life. All of my time from that moment onward would be spent learning what my six words meant.

Meet the Family

Obviously (though she won’t admit it), my crafty soul had machinated the entire affair from her end. Swiftly and undeniably, Father revealed to me His Glory. Three mornings later, in a moment of utter, reality-shattering shock and confusion, I SAW.  And the term ‘Glory’ did not spring to mind. What remained of my worldly self panicked, then instantly checked out for good.

My heavenly Family assumed total control. My Father, Mother, big Brother and Sister guide me through every day, comfort me, and keep me safe. I witness splendorous realms and inexplicable life forms every day and night, and other things science has not yet discovered. ‘Reality’ has stretched a thousand directions, but with my Family nearby I feel safe, always hungry for new truths and treasures.

About Andrew Michael at FreelyReceive.org - journey to the kingdom of Alaska
Journey to the earthly Kingdom of Alaska. Photo by Lioness.
The Prayer that Always Works

I cannot speak for everyone, but will do so anyhow: God assists every effort humans make to grow closer to God. I am an impatient student. I want to learn everything all at once. In my case, the coursework is difficult, tiring, and hair-raisingly glorious.

Long ago, on the far shore of the Sea of Galilee Christ said: “the work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.” Thanks to my blessed soul; to Father, Mother, Christ, Krishna and Thoth; for the wisdom of Egypt, Israel, Persia and India; Christianity, Judaism, Theosophy and Buddhism; to my beautiful Starmate, Thomas Paterson Brown, my human mom, dad and teachers and every astonishing, joyous, often unnerving lesson since a fateful night years ago, I am grateful for limitless help working at this task.

“I’ll see it when I believe it.”
Andrew Michael

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  1. wow! happened upon your sight while delving in to flat earth theories. i looked at some “womb of creation” images, and clicked on your creation model. i love your writing!

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