Making the Little Child

I’ve been making the little child for some time now. I don’t work at it because little children don’t work. Adults work. Us kids play, ask lots of questions and believe in impossible stuff. It’s funny how grownups do exactly the opposite. And it’s sad too, because grownups who can’t make the little child won’t find the kingdom of God.

Nope. My Brother says that only a little child can see the kingdom.

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Orb Photos – Shrine of St. Thérèse

The orb photos from Shrine of St. Thérèse were as unpretentious as the Shrine itself. Such is the nature of spirit: the greatest gifts are not always obvious. The small beach-stone chapel hid within a thick rain forest enclave on a little island, all but invisible to the casual passerby. Few people passed by here, on the outskirts of Juneau, and we were probably the only non-Juneaites within 30 miles on this final day of the Alaskan tourist season. Despite the deeply mystical tone of this lovely garden paradise, thoughts of orbs did not spring to mind.

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Prayer to Holy Spirit

Prayer to Holy Spirit

i love you
i trust you
i believe in you.
you are my mother
i have no other.
you are truth and
love and holy spirit
and i am your child.

you make the multitude,
you spread the truth alone
in a love through many.
powerful in your wisdom
beautiful in your power
you make all things
into good things.

eternally loving mother
you’ve time enough
for every child.
i am in you
and you are in me
i belong to you
and you belong to me


The Light and the Black Thing

The Light visited my room last night after a three-day absence. This brief sabbatical was a bit curious, but not worrisome. Since I began working devoutly with the principles of Thomas 11, visible clouds of Light manifest almost daily. Last night, after a minute of high-spirited swirling and face-teasing (normal Light behavior) a huge, intimidating Black Thing appeared among the frolicsome clouds of Light.

Our surprise guest was nearly circular, perhaps five feet in diameter. But, my surprise became something more than that when I realized the right half of the Black Thing bore the sardonic profile of a (mostly) human face. ‘Blackie’ sported a chin, mouth, nose and brow.

Beginning at the crown of my head, a bone-chilling shiver penetrated every part of my being as it snowballed downward.

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Evil is a Lie in My Head

Evil is a Lie in my head. Only the Good is real.

“Evil is a lie. Only the Good is real.”

I am the only person I know who believes evil is a lie. Correction. My soul also believes this. It was she who initially informed me. Early on in my journey, shortly after I found my soul, she compared us to a horse and rider. I’m the horse. My job is to carry my beloved safely home, without fear, to the earthly kingdom prepared for us since the creation of the world.

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Come Into the Light (Thomas 11)

Meaning of Thomas 11 Eludes Scholars

“When you come into the Light, what will you do?” riddles Yeshua of Nazareth at Thomas 11. There exists very little commentary on this cryptic logion. When challenged to write a competent exegesis on the meaning of Thomas 11, respected Bible scholars either dust off an end-times analogy or wave the Gnostic flag and retreat. Foul ball. Most know that in Gnosticism, creation is corrupt and all matter is vile. A human body cannot ‘come into the Light.’

The scholars’ roadblock is that Thomas 11 has no precise corollary in Scripture. It is also the most radical, least understood logion in Gospel of Thomas or any of Christ’s teachings. But it isn’t Gnostic, and it’s not about the end of the world. Has no one solved Yeshua’s puzzle?

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My Perfect Soul

My Perfect Soul

A blanket of sparkles, my perfect soul
cloud and light and shimmering flawless
above me, alongside and inside of me
she, my companion, my sister-wife
is my Eve, my lover of light.

My perfect soul is everything I see
and everything i am and shall become
although at first, i was hoping to see her
for years each night, hoping to hold her but
this is not the true way, not the real life
God’s ways are different from mine.

A bringer of life is my perfect soul
she is joy and dream and merriment, and
sometimes my blanket of sparkles descends
my companion clothes me in her living light
my Eve, my sister-wife, my true love enters
dressed in white, i can do no wrong for
my bride is the daughter of God.

Revelation of the Soul

Revelation of the Soul affirms the truth of human immortality and identifies the path to enter the kingdom of God in this lifetime. Jesus Christ proclaims mankind’s inheritance in every gospel and through the letters of Paul, but Christianity does not teach it. Central issues: who or what is our greatest love? What caused the first immortal humans to die? What is the path to a life without death? Submitted here in heartfelt detail, Revelation of the Soul is the Savior’s most precious gift to a glorious race of immortal children who have forgotten how to live.

This information concerns the natural and supernatural realms and carries moral imperatives. As such, Revelation of the Soul is directed toward serious disciples who seek to ameliorate the Separation and attain the kingdom prepared since the creation of the world.

“Yet one shall be clothed with light in the Sacrament of the Mating.”
St. Philip the Evangelist

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